Saturday, August 2, 2014

It was HUGE.....

My training this week, anyway.

This was my first week of what felt like a HUGE week of training, like this IM stuff just got real. Leading up to this week was a 56 mile ride on Saturday and a 12 mile run on Sunday.

Monday I swam my farthest  furthest the longest I have ever done! 2.76 miles. It should have been closer to 2.7, but I wasn't swimming very straight in the beginning. I met up with some of the fast guys at 6pm to grab a lap in the lake before the usual crew showed up and coach kayaked for us. Then it was another lap with the North Georgia Tri Club OWS swim with a couple kayakers out on the lake providing support. Then Erin and I thought some of the guys were swimming all the way across for a 2nd/3rd lap, so we took off. Little did we know they were only going halfway across and no one was kayaking. Of course, Erin didn't realize this until we were all the way across. Being a much faster swimmer than I am, Erin did swim drills and such so we were able to stay much closer to each other for the return trip. About 400 yards from the end, I see 3 swimmers coming at us. Stacey and Thomas were getting a swim in with a friend of theirs. Stopped to say hi, and it was the just thing I needed to finish up.
Erin and I enjoying a much earned beer
Tuesday was supposed to be a 13.1 mile run. I just could do it. I shared that story the other day. After having a much needed rest day on Tuesday, I knocked out a perfectly executed run Wednesday morning before work. Yes, I ran a half marathon before work. I must be IM training, cause that's just nuts!

Thursday I was supposed to ride some hills with Dean, but we got rained out.

Dripping wet from getting poured on.
Friday morning was a bit of swim drills (Hey Erin, I tried that drill you showed me and Louis I did lots of finger dragging!) Then I reconvened after work with Dean. He promised to be kind and gentle, so I followed him out to farm country for 18 miles of hills. I think it's a good thing my Oakleys are mirrored so he couldn't see the daggers I threw at him at the top of some of the climbs. Oh and I lost my first water bottle. I would have stopped for it, but I didn't know I lost it till I went to drink from it. Yes, Dean....hills are good for me.

Today was another opportunity for a distance PR. I had a 5 hour ride. Neil agreed to ride with me again and thankfully Stephanie had a similar workout, just a little bit less time on her bike. We met up at 7am on the Silver Comet and off we rolled. We laughed, we rode, I found my new spot for OWS....

40 miles out from the Floyd Road trailhead
During the week a woman was attacked while running on the SCT. While I have always felt safe riding by myself, it was nice to have company. Neil was a great tour guide and gave some warnings about some hills and gearing. I also figured out how far out I can ride on my own before I need to turn around (safety reasons, not legs). On the way back (Stephanie turned around early), Neil dropped like a bad habit which was great! Ok, well he dropped me about 10 miles from the cars. The hardest part of the ride and I needed to do it on my own, just like race day.
I am still having major bike issues. Time to seek answers from other sources.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to volunteering at the Acworth Women's Sprint. Lots of friends are running and volunteering. It should be a fun morning. Actually, how could it not be, I'm hanging out with Faux Runner!
I've been told I don't blog enough. If you will read it I will try to write more often!


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