Sunday, August 3, 2014

There is a First for Everything....

I did something today I have never done before. Sure, I've talked about it, but I have never quite followed through. I'm normally focused on me and what I need to get done. Today it was about others. Even as my alarm went off at 4:30am, it wasn't about me.

I volunteered at a race. I volunteered at an expo before, but not race day.

If you have not done this yet. YOU SHOULD! I've talked about it for a while. I should go cheer for a local race. I should volunteer. I need to give back to the sports that have given me so much. But I never did. Then my tri club, North Georgia Tri Club, put out a call to action. The Acworth Women's Sprint needed volunteers. PERFECT opportunity!

I agreed to volunteer and when the information came out that said I had to be there at 6am for a 7:30 start....I regretted it. Immediately. Not really, but there went any chance of sleeping past 5:30 this weekend.
what I didn't get this weekend
Faux Runner met me at 5:30 and away we went. Saw lots of people we knew. Checked in, got our volunteer shirts and then headed out to our water aide station.

So much fun with Lynn, Faux Runner (Smitha) and rUnladylike (Jessica). You should check out their blogs...really great stuff! We had a ton of fun cheering on the cyclist as they rolled by.

After the women rolled by we got ready for the runners...we poured the Gatorade and water and while the others got ready to hand out drinks at mile 2 of the run. I took my spot working the corner. Really... you went there? SMH!
I made sure the runners took the right turn back into the neighborhood and answered about 20 times "Where's the finish line?" for the spectators. I only had to catch 3 runners who really wanted to go straight.
Would I do it again? Wake up early for an event I'm not even racing in? HECK YEA! I had fun with the crew at the water stop. LOVED cheering on the athletes that were killing it and even more enjoyed offering words of encouragement to those who were struggling a little bit.
The strength of the leaders and the determination of those finishing at the back of the pack both show such wonders of the human spirit. Whether you participate in running races or tris or think running to the fridge is exhausting...try volunteering at one of these's AMAZING!


  1. This is the very reason i love volunteering at these events and stuff inbetween. The people are amazing and the atmosphere is very uplifting. You cant help but be excited for the athletes and have a great time.

    1. I completely agree! Now I need to find another race. Not to do, but volunteer!

  2. I'm so glad we got to meet and volunteer together. It was a fun morning and I hope I'll get to see you again soon! Good luck with your Augusta and Florida training! You will rock it!!!! P.S. Here's a little piece from the morning I wrote:

    1. Thanks! It was quite a good time kickin' it at Aide Station #2!