Thursday, July 23, 2015

I've Been Quiet....

I haven't written much lately. Even when I thought I had something to say, I just didn't feel like saying it. I didn't even tell you all about my last race.

This training cycle has been weird. Lacrosse season took more out of me than usual as I was reffing full time in addition to being at my day job as much as possible and training. It's my second time around, so the distance aren't new, I've done it before. I almost regret signing up for another 140.6 without taking the year off I had been planning to. However, I'm not a quitter so I'm in it till the finish line in Louisville. Then, well then the goals shift again.

I'm starting to stress less about Louisville. I've even appeased my coach and switched from #longroadtolou to #roadtolou. I just keep chipping away at my training schedule. My swim is much stronger. My run is good enough for my goals. The bike...the bike is incredibly frustrating. However, I had a breakthrough ride 2 weekends ago when I got up Big Sister without walking and this past weekend when I didn't hate my bike. My pace was slightly swifter than the last long ride as well. Seriously: I didn't hate my bike.

Me at the top of Big Sister. Photo by Kent Ruby
There's been a lot of interpersonal bullsh!t going on also. I finally threw up my hands this morning and walked away. Texts were deleted so I can't revisit. Phone numbers were blocked and set to auto reject. I've got bigger fish to fry in my life than to put up with someone either directly or passive aggressively getting in the way. This morning at the encouragement and logical advice of a valued friend...I walked away.

This summer Amy and I kicked off an Ironwilled Kids group. We've been working with about 5 families and it looks like everyone who participated with us will be completing a triathlon in just a couple weeks. Unfortunately for me, I am already committed to Lake Logan 70.3 that weekend, so I will be looking forward to hearing about their successes. It's been a huge time commitment, but we were lucky, everyone (kids and parents) were terrific to work with. We are looking forward to seeing if we can grow it more next year. Thank you All3 Sports and Big Peach Running, Co for all your support this inaugural season.
Special thanks to All3 Sports for being our host every Sunday rain or shine.
Special thanks to Big Peach Running, Co in Marietta for leading our skill work every other week
Much to Barry's disappointment I am not dating anyone nor am I trying to. If someone were to come around organically, that'd be fine. However I have no interest in the screening and interview process of on line dating. Or maybe it's because I still have short hair.
My brother shared this with me last week.
Not that you didn't know that these are my thoughts and my thoughts alone, but I'll remind you: This is my take on the world. I think one of the reasons I've have less I want to share this training cycle is because I know I am a long course triathlete. Running for 2 hours isn't remarkable to me. Riding my bike for 5 hours isn't unusual. I'm not even batting an eye at the 3600 yard (just about 2 miles) swim workout I'll complete tomorrow morning before work. I no longer surprise myself at what I accomplish in a workout. Truth be told, some of my paces I'm so not happy with, I don't want to share. If you are really curious about my training, you can find me on strava.

To my friends who have provided company on many a long ride or run THANK YOU! And to the Monday night swim crew...thanks for waiting for me on the other side. Trackside Taqueria for dinner next week!

Maybe I'll start writing again more often, who knows....