Monday, August 18, 2014

Apparently I Didn't Ramble On Enough Yesterday.....

Whew! What a week and weekend. I wanted to write this last night, but my eyes wouldn't stay open. I'm not exaggerating. I was sitting up in bed wearing my triathlon lingerie (compression sleeves, duh!) with my laptop on my lap, and I couldn't focus on the screen. I caved. Laptop shut quickly followed by my eyes.

I must have needed it. My alarm went off at 6:30 like it always does on days I don't have a morning workout. I hit the snooze button for 9 more minutes and the next time I saw was 7:20. Oops!

I had some GREAT workouts this past week. I finally got to run with Adam, my running husband. We had been experiencing a forced separation that neither of us requested; it just happened. I know he still <3 me because not many people would wake up before sunrise to run intervals when they could just do them later. I would tell you we got to talk and catch up, but the run mostly consisted of Adam calling out time for me on my intervals. (I wrote the workout on  my hand. He programmed his watch.) We did have 10 minutes of warm up and cool down to catch up, but the middle 30 consisted of a lot of heavy breathing recovery breathing.

We finished before sunrise too.
I may have failed to mention, the reason we had to meet so early was because driving home from my usual OWS, I ran over truck tire tread on I75 and I needed to get my car to the dealer to get it repaired. $300 later, brand new car still looks brand new. Consensus is that had I hit that tread in my Mazda 3, the damage would have been much worse.

Also on the schedule was a trainer ride, but Curtis at Cannon Cyclery was finished with MP (my bike), so I asked to exchange the hour trainer ride for chasing Dean up some hills in Roswell. Trainer would have been easier, but the ride outside was definitely more fun.

There were some swimming intervals and some strength and then the big work out on Saturday. I had a 56 mile ride followed by a 10k run.

The good news: My pace is up a bit from when I first started doing this loop on the Silver Comet Trail. My knee and shoulder issues seem to be resolved. The numb to pain issues with my feet stopped at numb. I'm told I need to give this fit a few more rides before more tweaks are made. I also made a new friend. James is new to our North Georgia Tri Club and he contacted me about joining in on my ride for a bit. What a fantastic rabbit!

I only got to chase him for about 15 miles. I agree with his priorities, his 2 year old's bday party was more important!
The bad news: We still have plenty to discuss regarding my hoo-ha. You didn't think we'd get through a post about riding that didn't discuss my hoo-ha, did you? Actually, mostly I like to just creep my brother out. He had years of torturing me; I'm finally getting revenge. Did I tell you about the time he held me by my ankles and threatened to flush me down the toilet? Some memories just scar a girl for life! I digress. I've moved on from the Cobb JOF to the Cobb Plus. I've put about 80 miles on it. I have about 70 more this weekend. Desperately searching for a saddle that will allow me to ride pain free. I know. I know. 112 miles won't be pain free....but shouldn't the start of it be?

I just signed up for my first century. (Can you hear my heart beat thumping????) I'll be doing the MAAC One Love Century. I'm sure it will be lots of fun especially if my saddle issues aren't resolved. Oy vey!

After my ride I trotted out my brick. I really wanted to drink water so I didn't have my Infinit Run mix with me. I also didn't consume either the Gu or Roctaine packet I had with me. Dumbass, Party of 1, your table is ready. Even though I didn't feel like I needed it, in hindsight, I really needed to fuel that run.

And then....and then, I discovered the most horrible thing. I was devastated. I was floored. I almost cried. The fountain was off.

I don't have a river to jump into, but this fountain is plenty fun, when it is on!
Coach and I had a disagreement about my workouts on Saturday. He thought they were great, I thought they could have been better. I'm so frustrated with MP. I've been fighting with it since March! I do think Curtis is the one who will get it right, but seriously....My big race is in 2.5 months, this has got to be figured out soon or I'll be test driving a saddle on race day!

Being typical me, I went all in on the socializing this weekend also. Friday night I finally got to hang out with my friend Lisa. Saturday I finally made it to one of Tiffany's gatherings and we watched Sharknado2. It wasn't even so bad it was good. It was horrible. How are y'all watching this crap over and over again?

Sunday was a rest day. I was asked how I got a rest day on a weekend and I replied that I didn't know, I wasn't questioning it. Which is a complete lie. I immediately asked coach about it. And after a little back and forth via email I sent him one that read something like:
I know. I need to trust in my training. Trust that you know what you are doing. Put my blinders on and only worry about me. And just Do My Job!
Speaking of "doing my job"... I was able to use that free Sunday to meet up with Brian from Tri Coach Georgia. We met at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee for lunch. OMG! GORGEOUS! Can't wait to go back. We joked about hosting a triathlon there or even just a camp. Sure it may be cost prohibitive, but it would be amazing!!!!

What? triathletes in real clothes???
Overall, a decent week: some good training, some good times with friends and only one really good temper tantrum.

I might suggest that if you approach me this week you come bearing baring with chocolate to share. It's week three... you have been warned. Hmmm.... with my first century next week, I wonder what next week will look like. You may want to have chocolate or ice cream available for the next 2 weeks.

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