Friday, November 28, 2014

Thank you! and You! and You!

I've been thinking a lot about what I'm thankful for this year and it is a lot!

I'm thankful for my interesting family. I mean everyone's family is interesting and full of characters and has interesting dynamics. I don't think mine is special, well, yes I do. My family drives me nuts. But they love me unconditionally and I love them unconditionally. Even though.... not one of them is a triathlete, GASP!

My family doesn't really understand what I love to do. But they love me. And because they love me, they support what I do. My BIG event this year was Ironman Florida. I would not have gotten my entry without my brother bugging his contacts around the world to vote for me daily. Multiple times through the year, I did my food prep at my sister's completely taking over her kitchen for a few hours. Day of the race, my parents came to watch and braved the elements to see me start, mid race and finish. My brother and sister tracked me and posted for all to see so that all of our friends could keep up. My folks have already blocked off the weekend for Ironman Louisville so they can be there. My family thinks I'm crazy, but they all support me in their own way.

I am thankful for the people who have chosen to be part of my life. I was reminded by someone a couple months ago about how many people inhabit our planet. With this huge number, there are bound to be people who don't like us. That's okay as there are others who do. There is no reason for me to permit, encourage or even expect someone who doesn't like me (or I don't like them) to stay in my world or take up my energy. It's taken 40 years, but I'm becoming okay with it. (I'm a slow learner.)
I am thankful for triathlon and everything it has brought to my life: the people, the confidence, this blog. Yesterday my dad asked me if I was going to do any more marathons or if I was focusing on triathlons from now on. I explained that I'm focusing on being a triathlete. I have no bucket-list marathons on  my horizon. That doesn't mean I'll never run another stand-alone marathon, but as of today the Disney Marathon is the last one.

Just 2 months ago Janie created a Facebook group called Ironman Women. I thought the idea was amazing and ran with helping her grow the group. Knowing that she had some major life changes about to happen she passed the group over to me. We exchanged some ideas and I proposed a name change to Ironwilled: Women Who TRI. The name received rave reviews and in 2 months we have grown to over 500 members. There has been no drama, no cattiness, no condescension which seems to occasionally pop up in other triathlon groups. I'm honored and proud to oversee and be a part of this group. I'm excited and curious to see how it continues to evolve in the off season and into next triathlon season. Janie, THANK YOU!

I'm thankful to be back home and conflicted at the same time. My home was destroyed by smoke and water on April 1, 2013. I was able to move back home the end of March 2014. However, just last weekend another building went up in smoke. It's disheartening. Four fires in seven years with three of them being in the past three years. Only one was electrical, the rest started on the outside of the building. All could have been prevented. PLEASE CHECK your homeowner's/renter's insurance. I was under-insured and while my insurance company was great, they could only pay out my coverage. The financial implications of this event are just now catching up to me. As I mentioned on Facebook the other day, 2014 was the year of the credit card. 2015 will be the year of "can I borrow that".

I'm thankful to still be single. WHAT??? Yes, I'm thankful I'm still single. I went out on a lot of dates this year. I met a lot of guys. I met a lot of really nice guys. I met a lot of really great guys. I haven't met the right guy for me. I'm not looking for the perfect guy, I'm looking and waiting for the perfect guy for me. This is a good time to remind my niece and nephews that when I'm old and senile, they have promised to take care of me.

Thanks for being part of my journey. You gotta admit, it's an interesting ride.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time to Move on....

I woke up this morning and checked Facebook like I do every morning. In the IMFL 2014 group a woman posted that one of her 'friends'  made a comment that since we didn't do the swim, who knows if she still would have made an official time or not.

IMFL 2014 was 17 days ago. To me, it seems like eons ago! I mean a few months. I feel great. I took 2 weeks recovery and now I'm starting to gear back up for Disney's Dopey Challenge in January 2015. (48.6 miles in 4 days. Really, it's not the mileage it is the wake ups!)

I made the decision and registered for Ironman Louisville in October, 2015. I did this for me. I didn't sign up for another IM to prove anything to anyone but ME!

In case you have any doubt: I AM AN IRONMAN!
As has been discussed, debated and beaten to a pulp in the past 17 days; an Ironman is not made in 17 hours on race day. An Ironman is made from the months before on the long swims, the long rides, the long runs. S/he is made from the early morning workouts, the lunch time workouts, the late night workouts because that's when what needed to be done, could be done. It's chafing and saddle sores and lots of other glamorous issues that most normal people feel no compulsion to experience. Race day is the culmination of all those workouts and missed social opportunities and early bed times and early wake ups and ice baths and deep tissue massage. It is the last answer to the last question on the test: Can you deal with what is given to you and NOT QUIT? It is graduation day.


I am an Ironman because I took what was given to me all year long and I thrived. I took what was given to me on race day and I adapted and I finished. Not everyone did. There were lots of reasons people didn't finish. There were mental reasons and physical reasons (bike accidents!)

There is common banter going on among those who were in the Ironman freshman class at IMFL 2014: We didn't get to do it all. We didn't get the full parade. I, like many others, were ready. We trained. We practiced. We improved. We flourished. We didn't just do enough to get by on race day. We.Were.Ready!

I don't need you to tell me I didn't get to swim. I know, I was there. I don't need you to remind me I didn't get the full experience. I know, I was there. While I wear my finisher's gear proudly and I'm putting an MDot finisher emblem on my car, I have issues with the number: 140.6.

Last night I met with a friend to discuss coaching. When we left, he looked at the back of my car and pointed out I didn't have a 140.6 magnet. He pulled his off and offered it to me (he has more at home). I said no thank you. I didn't do 140.6. My RoadID badge says 138.2. It's the story of my Ironman. But....

I am not 140.6. Was I ready? Yes. Could I have done it? Yes. Would I have done it? Yes. Will I do it again? Yes. I'm doing it for me.

But's time to move on. I will scroll past the discussions on Facebook (I promise to try). I will not engage with those who feel the need to minimize my accomplishment.

I cut off my Florida Athlete's band. I'm running 3-4 days a week to focus on Dopey. I made some decisions about coaching for next year (thank you Jason, Brian, Brad, Len and Chuck). Training and getting ready of Ironman Florida was one hell of an adventure and I'm looking forward to the next one with Louisville. If you want to ride Silk Sheets, Bud Plant or (Lord help me) the Sisters in Roswell, let me know. It's time to build Block's climbing!

P.S. If you feel the uncontrollable urge to share with an IMFL 2014 finisher that you think they are actually not real Ironman try this tactic: BITE YOUR TONGUE! Just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean you have to share it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shawna as a Triathlete...a Self-Assessment

The time has come for me to look for a new coach. It’s much like ending a relationship. It sucks. I know him, he knows me but, I’ve come to the point where it isn’t the best situation for me anymore. When it comes to coach-athlete, it is what’s best for the athlete.
I met Jason at the Nashville RnR Marathon 2012. My first ever, he gave me a great pep talk the morning of.
Did I mention it sucks?
I’ve been with Jason and Fast Forward Multisport for two years. I’ve reached every goal ever set. I’ve stayed injury free (except when I tried parasailing) for 2 years. He took me from my first sprint when I kept tipping over on my bike to Ironman. I ADORE my coach. He was and will always be my first tri-crush.
Acworth Women's Sprint 2013. When I discovered, I don't like sprints.
Recently I have been asked if I would recommend Jason as a coach. I can emphatically and unabashedly say YES! No hesitation, YES! He knows his stuff and he cares. Someone told me the other day you can’t learn how to “give a sh!t” either you do or you don’t. Jason does.

Why am I moving on?

It is the right move for me at this point in my life.  Did I mention it sucks?
I’ve decided I need to do a self-assessment of who I have become as a triathlete before I start talking to other coaches. I need to figure out what I want and need from a coach.
My strengths:

I’m stubborn. I didn’t realize how stubborn I was until I had to start riding long distances. The first time I rode 56 miles was horrible, but I did it. There was a 60 mile ride I did on a saddle I knew was wrong for me but I had no other day to get the ride done. The MAAC Century took me 8 hours to complete, but I did, even after my riding partner dropped around mile 90 and got a ride back with SAG support. I’m a hell of a lot stronger mentally than I have given myself credit for in the past.

I follow directions, even when I don’t want to. I turn down group runs and rides because they aren’t on the schedule. I will go float around Red Top because I can, but that doesn’t happen often. I’ll disagree with a schedule but follow it anyway.
I do my workouts. As assigned. Period.

I like to smile. Really. I truly enjoy this sport and most of the people it has brought into my life. I do feel like I miss out on some things because of training, but I don’t really regret it. I like who I have become since beginning to run and then becoming a triathlete.

I prioritize training.
I’m great at pep talks for others. I can find the silver lining in anything for a friend or fellow athlete.
I am stronger than I think (right Jason?)

My weaknesses:
I’m insecure. I’m insecure about cut off times, speed, hills, what I look like in a tri kit, group workouts, and my cycling.
I don’t willingly challenge myself. If left to my own devices I would get every bit of mileage in, but there would be no speed work, no hill repeats.
I whine. The usual whine this season was before a running workout that involved timed intervals. Me: “But I don’t feel fast this week.” Coach: “You never feel fast.” Workout gets done. Me: “Did you see those splits?” Coach: “Told you so.”

My life is crazy busy (yes yes, so is everyone else’s.) Rigid 9-5 job. Second full time job (or so it seems) mid-February through the end of April. This means all training has to be done before work Monday through Friday and weekends are touch and go regarding availability until lacrosse season is over. Long rides don’t happen till the end of April.

Unassigned characteristics:
I’m a planner. I like to know what’s coming. I can’t fit everything in if I don’t know what I have.

I don’t like surprises.
What (I think) I need from a coach:

Someone to challenge me. I don’t need accountability. I do my workouts. I don’t need someone to call and ask why I’m not uploading data. If something happens I’ll tell on myself. I need someone who will push me to be a better version of me. Note: better version of me is not a podium chaser, I am a realist.
Ego stroking. I’ve been honest with y’all from the beginning, no reason to pull punches now. I have been known to have panic attacks/temper tantrums about new workouts and new races and group workouts (see above regarding insecurities). Sometimes, they are even reasonable. Sometimes it’s completely okay to be told to suck it up but other times, I need someone to tell me it will be okay. As the weather shifted at IMFL 2014 people kept saying, “Suck it up, it’s Ironman.” There came a point when that observation Was.Not.Helpful.

I must have a coach who believes in quality over quantity. I was a doubter when Jason only had me doing one discipline a day with occasional bricks on the weekends and 1-2 rest days a week. It worked and it kept me healthy. I told him before and I’ll say it again…. Jason you were right!
If you are looking for a new coach, mine has a slot available and you won’t regret it. I’m not moving on to greener pastures, I’m just moving on.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ironman Florida Part 2...

If you missed the event leading up to Ironman Florida, you can check out Part 1.

The week leading up to the event went from thinking we would have perfect weather to extreme concern over wind on the bike and then the rough surf. I wasn't prepared for cold. Stacy, Lane, Brad and I started brainstorming who had what. Brad called his girlfriend who was flying down on Friday and had her bring arm warmers, leg covers and a head cover. I called Coach and he brought me a wind jacket and toes covers for my shoes. After talking with Reiko, she handed over gloves and a headband. Everything got shoved into my T1 bag. The decision was also made that I would completely change after the swim into dry clothes.

I slept surprisingly well Friday night. I was in bed by 9:30 and only woke up about every 2 hours. At 4:30 I was out of bed. I put on my swimsuit and grabbed my stuff and walked over to transition to finish packing my transition bags and get my special needs bags turned in.

After stuffing the additional items into my transition bags, I was waiting and looking for Stacy and Dana found me near body marking. Not having luck finding Stacy I headed into the Boardwalk and called Reiko. She agreed to run my special needs bags over for me. One less thing for me to think about.

I was standing in the lobby (with everyone else) having a bit of a panic over the conditions of the Gulf when Coach walked up. He did his best attempt at a pep talk, but there wasn't much reasoning with me at that point. A very nice guy also tried giving me very practical advice as to how to handle the swim. The genuine concern from the veterans was amazing. Not one person told me my concerns were ridiculous, suck it up it's Ironman. Oh wait... yes they did just not that morning.

Water safety personal getting tossed from his kayak
As I made my way up to Stephanie's room I saw Ron. I just dropped my head on his shoulder and he gave me a hug. In Stephanie's room we (Stephanie, Virginia and I) all had a bit of a freak out (in our own way) then headed down to the beach, wetsuits and all. We agreed we'd just take it one thing at a time. As we were standing waiting to get on the beach, they announced the swim was canceled. The first time in IMFL history.

Emotions shifted. Relieved I didn't have to battle riptides to extreme disappointment as I'd been working on my swimming all year. I'd been working on this race all year. And then there was this thought in my head: I'm not going to be an Ironman. I have to come back next year because this year isn't going to count.

We grabbed our transition bags and headed back to Stephanie's room. Reiko was there to Sherpa for Stephanie, but thankfully adopted me as well. She provided a calming presence as well as gloves and other items that she had.

We were told to be back down at 8am for a time trial start beginning with pros, then PC athletes, then lowest to highest bib number. We got to our bikes about 7:50 and so began our standing around on asphalt, in the cold, wearing bike shoes. I don't have back issues and I was starting to ache. And food...I had eaten my breakfast and had my Gatorade like I was supposed too, but that was at 5am. I grabbed some chomps and just hoped for the best. I also held on to Stacy's coffee for a bit just for warmth.

My rack was finally sent out about 9am.

I had been able to get word to my parents through the glory of Facebook (I didn't have a phone on me) and they were sitting just outside of the condo. I was able to wave to them as I started the ride.

The ride was cold and windy. The first 25 miles or so were directly into a head wind. I might as well have been riding straight up hill. Lucky to have a lower number, I wasn't too concerned about cut off but it did cross my mind. We finally turned and got a little bit of relief, but I contend we faced a head wind or cross wind for the entire ride. I never felt a real push of a tail wind.

It was fun seeing lots of people I knew on the bike course. I was able to ride with Lizzie for about 20 miles. Stephanie and I leap frogged for a while up to and including stopping at Special Needs at about the same time. Thank you NEIL! Neil was volunteering at Special Needs and had our bags ready for us and then put them in his car so we got all of our items back. This enabled us to drop even the expensive stuff.

I got to see the amazing and inspiring Pease brothers battling the wind as well.
photo by TRIJUICE
After special needs Heath caught up to me and gave me encouragement when I was losing my focus. Rick rolled by at some point. Karina and I passed by each other a few times as well. The attitude on the course seemed to be one of determination and frustration: when would we get a break from the wind?

Around mile 80 or so, a guy rolled up to me and said something like, "Sweetheart, this is the tailwind you've been waiting for." I looked at him and said, "So, shut-up legs. And start pedaling?" I'm not going to lie, I didn't notice a difference, but I appreciated his encouragement. I appreciated everyone's encouragement on the course and tried to pass on to others as well.

At mile 93 my chain dropped. Miracle of all miracles, this is the one thing on my bike I know how to fix! I unclipped, fixed my chain and finished the ride.
Karen saw this picture and said it looked like MP and I were getting along. Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case. I started having saddle issues early, but I think I identified the issue: not enough bag balm and too many trips to the bathroom before getting on  my bike.

Nutrition wise I managed to stay spot on until mid point/special needs. 7 hours on my bike should have been 7 bottles of Infinit. I had gotten through 3.5 and replaced everything at special needs, but that was about the end of it. I did grab water at every aid station, sip some and toss it. I also found out I can ride over water bottles without crashing as twice, I couldn't get a grip in the bottle handed to me and it feel right in front of my wheel. Total consumed: probably about 5 bottles of Infinit and a strawberry Uncrustable.

Off my bike in about 7:16 it was time for the run portion. Not what I had planned on, but PLENTY of time to enjoy the run.

As I came out of transition I saw my parents sitting there. I stopped, gave them both a hug. Mom told me I needed to give some other guy a hug. I did, but I also asked why I was hugging this guy? He said because my folks were awesome. If they were really awesome, they would have gotten me his phone number too. Just sayin'.

Around the corner from the run start was the Tri Club area. I immediately got spotted by North Georgia Tri Club. Lots of cheers from my club as well as Coach who hopped out on to the course with me. Running his GoPro, he started interviewing me. He asked how the bike was. I told him it was f... (internal thought, he's recording) really windy. He then looked at me and asked me why I was running so fast. Now fast is relative and I said I'm not running fast. I feel great. He asked what I was running, and I looked at my watch. I was running a 10:xx and that was NOT the plan. I slowed down. Good pep talk and that was the last I saw coach on the run.

I turned the corner and there was Stacy...wig and all! She asked how I was feeling and I told her my ankles hurt. She grabbed something for me and caught up to on her beach cruiser. Focused on my plan I ran aid station to aid station. I walked each and every aid station even before I probably needed to. Again, I enjoyed seeing lots of people I knew on the course. The aid stations were awesome and the spectators were terrific.

I had been warned that I would hit a dark place. I would want to quit. I would cry (me cry? never! ha!) But I would just have to keep pushing through. I NEVER HIT THAT POINT. I didn't. Yes, there were moments on the run I was ready to be done, but I legitimately smiled the who way.
coming out of the state park on the first loop
Stacy told me I was easy to find from my pink tiara visor, my camelback, and my run gait. She would pop up here and there. I asked her to meet me at special needs so I could give her my bag. She did. Special needs was pretty quick. My socks were dry, my shoes weren't bothering me. I added on a long sleeve shirt under my Fusion vest and ate half of an Uncrustable.

Right after I got Stacy my bag, Angela spotted me. She ran a little bit with me which was a nice boost! On the second lap I connected with some runners but then either dropped them or had them drop me. I was sticking to my plan and as much as I was enjoying chatting with someone, if they picked up pace, I let them go. Nadia and I kept crossing paths which was also very encouraging.

At mile 24 Stacy found me again. I tossed her my Camelback, not because it was bothering me, but because I didn't want it in my finisher pictures!

I just kept moving forward. I executed my run the exact way I was supposed. I didn't take any extra walk breaks. I smiled the whole time. I just kept moving.

I finally looked at my Garmin data and I was absolutely correct. I stopped to use the bathroom 5 times! The last time was precautionary. You know what they say: Never trust a fart at Ironman. And at Mile 25.... I was stopping.

Nutrition on the run: I was carrying my Camelback because it had my Infinit run mix. Again, I should have gone through about 20oz an hour. Over the course of the entire run, I went through about 40 ounces. When the chicken broth came out at the aid stations, I started sipping on that and water. I still tried to sip on the Infinit, but I just didn't feel like I needed it. Did I mention I never bonked?

As I approached the finishing shoot, I started to slow down and take it all in. I wanted space behind me for my pictures. I wanted to enjoy my first. For that brief moment, I forgot we didn't swim. I felt like a million bucks. I didn't just finish IMLF 2014, I had fun and felt great!

And then.... I saw my parents! Proud as could be. I think they might have been prouder in that moment then at my college graduation. If you were sitting near them, I know my mom was kvelling (google it) the whole time.
Mom and Dad proudly wear these t-shirts!
I stopped. I hugged them both. Thanked them for being part of it and finished my party!

Thank you Paul for getting this clip.

I trotted through the finish line. Excited to be done. Excited to be there. Just pretty damn excited. And happy.

After I crossed the finish line (click here, really) I stopped and looked around. This guy comes out from behind a few other people and it's Coach. He had finagled his way in to catch me. I threw my hands back up and just gave him a huge hug.

Thank you Chris for the photoshop.
My run was steady. Executed according to plan. And that is awesome!

I finished Ironman Florida 2014. I am an Ironman finisher. There is a lot of debate as to whether those of us who finished IMFL 2014 as our first and only full are Ironmen or not. We didn't get to swim. We didn't do the full 140.6. Then there are those, especially those who were there, that say abso-freakin-lutely! You trained, you showed up, you worked with what they gave you. But I have this feeling of missing something. I proudly wear my finisher's gear. I'm putting an emblem on my car. But my plans have been thrown out.

Originally I had planned on taking 2015 off from training for a full. I was going to focus on getting 'stronger, faster, better' with Olympics and 70.3s. However, I have this concern that if I wait to tackle 140.6 in 2016, life may happen. I may never get too. Then when I explain, yes I've done an Ironman, I feel like there will always be an asterisk  next to it.

I thought I had my next Ironman picked out for 2015. But then I started to register. Rolling start of swimmers. Last swimmer starting as late as 8:15. Cut off still at midnight. Sigh...need to think some more.

If you have enjoyed my blog and would like to continue following, please enter your email address for notifications of new ones. I'm going to cut back on the groups I post this in as to now clog their newsfeed.

#mycoachisadork but it was a good 2 years!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ironman Florida....Part 1.

The journey to Ironman Florida began about 10 months ago when I entered a contest sponsored by Training Peaks. Many of you helped me gain my entry by clicking on my picture as often as you could for about 2.5 weeks. I finished 2nd with 1644 votes.

And then the training began. From February 18 through November 1 I swam 62.4 miles, ran 591 miles, and biked 2,142 miles. All this was to prepare to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles.

The week leading up to the race, I was on an incredible roller coaster of emotions. My dear friend Karen sent me emails everyday helping me find focus and counting down my "days to awesome". She reminded me to be strong, to trust, be grateful, be brave, and remember I am loved. I looked forward to them each day.

Monday night Coach and I had a heart to heart. It was much needed and much over due. 2 hours later, many tears shed by me, and I'm too tired to pack and I'm devastated because my pink tiara visor is cracked and my attempts to hot glue it didn't work.

The ladies in Ironwilled: Women who TRI were awesome with suggestions on how to fix it. And Claudia recognized that I might want/need some help beyond the tiara.

Have I mentioned it takes a village to get me ready for Ironman?

Stacy sent me a packing list. I sent Claudia a shopping list. Then Tuesday night Claudia came over and helped me get it all together and brought me a sewing kit which proved to be the solution to the cracked crown.

Wednesday morning I woke up nice and early to meet up with Angela (#BeBraveBeBadass) as she said she had something for me and I owed her cookies.

After an uneventful drive to Panama City Beach, I was able to get checked in to a gorgeous condo and meet up with Stephanie to get checked in, shop and go to the Athletes' Meeting.
At the Athletes' Meeting I got to meet up with some women from our Ironwilled group. It was great being recognized by the tattoo Cyndi from designed for our group.

Some time to get settled and then I met up with Brad, Les, Stephanie and Bob for dinner. Then Brad and I drove out to meet up with Lane and Stacy to discuss gathering some warmer clothes if the forecast continued to deteriorate as predicted.
Thursday morning we had a great group meet up to go for a swim. We started swimming. Paused, regrouped, repeated. Easy easy swim out. Then we swam in and it was everyone for themselves! The gulf got a bit choppy and it was like getting smacked across the face when you least expected it. But it wasn't horrible.
A quick change of clothes and handful of us rolled out to check out what the wind was going to feel like on our bikes. I used this time to give the Rudy aero helmet that Lane gave me a test drive. The whole concept of nothing new on race day was thrown out the window this weekend. Wore the helmet for 10 miles and decided to wear it race day.

Did I mention I was with Stephanie? You know where we went for breakfast...WAFFLE HOUSE! The reality of the forecast was settling in and the word of the meal was SUCK. There really were no other appropriate words. The wind on our ride grabbed wheels and moved us around. We all started coming to grips that Saturday, Saturday was going to suck.
 It was fun walking back from breakfast and bumping into Hal, Allan and Shawn.
 Some downtime in the condo and then my parents got there. I helped unload their car and then it was time to head off to the banquet. We got to eat dinner with Bill who has been to Kona 10 times and has started IMFL 15 out of 16 times!
At the banquet I also saw Lizzie and got to meet Tom who I had connected with on Facebook through the IMFL group. There were some great lines presented that night. Two of my favorites: Be stronger than you excuses. And: Swim 2.4 miles. Bike 112 miles. Run 26.2 miles. Brag for the rest of your life! Also during the banquet I was able to get out more of the Ironwilled tattoos. I had them nice and organized in a white envelope that I put down on the table while taking a picture and forgot to pick back up. Total loss, about $30. No time to freak out over that but I do want to thanks Tom for walking back with me when I went to go see if by some slim chance the envelope had been turned back in.

Friday morning I woke up and went for a quick easy 2 mile run then headed out to breakfast with mom and dad.

From breakfast we went and picked up some wheels for mom so she would be able to get around to see more of the race. Back to the condo to pack up my transition bags and Stacy came by and we all took a stroll over to get my bike checked in. A volunteer started laughing when I was shocked to see my name next to my number.

Mom and dad headed back to the condo and I went by the Fusion USA booth to grab a vest. Chatted with Chance and left feeling good that I had enough gear for the next day.

The part most of you have been waiting for:

RACE be continued.