Thursday, July 31, 2014

Unexpected, but much needed....

Yea, yea intrinsic motivation is best. But you's really nice to get an unexpected ego stroking. As a matter of fact I just took an on line quiz: What is your love language and I scored high on Words of Affirmation. I accept that.

It happened Sunday night from Ally. I haven't seen or spoken to her in a couple of years.

And then Monday as I was driving into work I got this:

Tuesday I kind of hit a wall. I was supposed to run 13.1 miles after work and I just couldn't. I was riding high after my HUGE swim on Monday night (I'll blog about that this weekend when I summarize my first really big week of training) but then I came crashing down. Everything hurt. My back hurt, my abs hurt, I couldn't imagine running 1 mile much less 13.1. I spoke with coach and he said not to.

I was whining but 13.1 was on the schedule. He reminded me plans were plans. Not every workout would be completed. I told him I didn't want to miss a big "workout."

I still don't really get how I got to this point. I didn't start this journey to be inspiring. I didn't start this journey 3 years ago to start training for an Ironman. But this is what it's become. I am flattered and honored and humbled that friends and friends I haven't met yet have reached out to tell me I inspire them. You should know, that when you share your thoughts with me, YOU inspire ME to continue on with the quest. But remember:

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