Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hot Enough For Ya.....

For those who missed it, which apparently was most of you, I was challenged to the ALS ice bucket challenge. If you've lost sleep at night wonder what I sound like, here you go:

The point was not lost. My nephew talked about it with my brother. Then after the filming, my nephew who helped me out asked me questions about it. Donations were made and knowledge was shared.

Saturday morning I met up with this awesome crew at the Silver Comet Trail.
James, me, Ryan, Stephanie
James and Stephanie rode out 25 with me and Ryan. They then flipped and Ryan and I carried on. The plan was 70. I should tell you that these 2 guys are so great, they aren't training for anything, just keeping Stephanie and me company. Anyway....I had to put a note on my Training Peaks workout that if it looked like I was flying, it was because I was drafting James! For 3 miles or so he pulled me along. Then Ryan and Stephanie came zooming up! Neil was there too, but somehow between awkward breaks and Neil going super fast, we only saw him once.

About the ride: At 25 miles we stopped to say good bye to James and Stephanie. The plan was to go out another 10 miles, flip around and stop at the Coots Lake gas station. EXCEPT... I completely and utterly forgot about the stupid, freakin', steep, I hate you hill that brings you right up to mile 35 (from the bike depot, so mile 39 on the trail from 0). I was in the big ring, couldn't get to the little one and barely made it up the hill when my calf completely seized on me. I had to get off my bike and stretch. We got back on and stopped, as planned, at Coots Lake. We used the rest room, got water and chatted with some cool folks who will be at the MAAC One Love Century next week.

I wanted to then ride straight in for the last 29 miles. 6 miles out from the cars my feet (which had been numb for a while) shifted to sharp shooting pain and I could take it anymore. Ryan suggest we stop and unclip and stretch.

Back to the parking lot. And guess what?!?!?!
YUP! The fountain was on. Day made. Actually my day was made when Stephanie met Ryan and I at Waffled House! Ryan ate and then excused himself when he was saved by the bell (his phone rang). Stephanie and I ended up staying for about 2 hours chit-chatting away about dating, family, tri training, etc. Can't wait to head down to Panama City with her!

Remember when I talked about how I don't want to be friends with you anymore?? I went to my friend's place for a cook out Saturday night. By 9:15, Diana is kicking me under the table to wake me up. I lead such an exciting life these days. The ride and the heat took so much out of me.
Jim and Diana and me - Peachtree Road Race 7/4/14
This morning (Sunday) the awesome Lizzie and Sarah met me at the splash park in Roswell for a 15 mile run. Coach said aim for 10s on tired legs. Sarah is a much faster runner than I am. Lizzie is faster, but had some concerns about her fitness since she has had some health issues lately. Good news.... she hasn't lost any fitness! I was the pace keeper. Super proud of us, we nailed it! 1 stop at mile 8 for a bathroom and refill ice, that was it. Even picked a slightly challenging route. Lizzie kept saying how mentally strong and tough I was. That she quits (woman swam 12 miles around Key West...I think she has some mental fortitude to contend with.) I promised her the next time I had a temper tantrum, I would call her.
Negative splits for the last 4-5 miles
Thank you Frannie for chatting with me up the hill. And thank you Sarah and Lizzie for running with me. It is always so much more fun with friends! And of course...there was breakfast after.
What you can't see is the sweat dripping off us. We were soaked completely through.
Four weeks in the making were my lunch plans. As much as I wanted to crash out and skip it. I just couldn't. I finally was meeting up with friends from high school and middle school.

Just a little bit of a awkward camera angle!
Andrea, Cathy and I went to middle school and high school together. I hadn't seen Andrea since graduation and Cathy I saw briefly at our ## reunion a few summers ago. It was a brief visit, but we have vowed to get together again before Thanksgiving.

I pulled food out of the freezer for the first couple days of this week. Instead of cooking tonight, I conquered this monstrosity:
I'm not proud of this heap, just being honest. I need a household fairy.

SADDLE UPDATE: I think this one might work. A Facebook friend that I will get to meet this weekend at the MAAC One Love Century...holy crap I'm riding 100 miles on Saturday!...suggested a neoprene cover for a little extra padding with my tri shorts. It isn't here yet, but hopefully I'll get it next week. I also used a new-to-be glide. I'm not 100% sold on this saddle, but there is potential. Now we need to also fix the feet!

DATING UPDATE: Y'all, I think I'm too tired. I think I upset a guy friend I went out to dinner with on Friday night. We met at his place to drive over to the restaurant together. Before even agreeing to go out Friday night, I explained I only had time for dinner. I was tired and was getting up early on Saturday. Anyway, after dinner we get back to his place and he asks if I'm headed home or if I want to come in. Seeing how I had been yawning the whole way back after dinner, I told him I was heading home. I'm not sure if that annoyed him or not. I texted I was home and thanked him for dinner. Haven't heard from him all weekend. He had a VERY cool and busy weekend, so it might just be that. I don't know. Maybe men and women can't just be friends :(.

FOOD UPDATE: I'm trying. I'm not succeeding very well. I'm now logging all my food. You know: If you bite it you write it.

Thank you Kris for this:

 Have a great week! I'm off to stalk Training Peaks to see what this week's training looks like!

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