Thursday, July 27, 2017


Blah blah blah... I had a great vacation down the shore and then finished it off with 2 races.

Just kidding, I started my 10 day tour of the East Coast on a Thursday when I drove up to the Richmond, VA area to recruit at the IWLCA lacrosse tournament. I then headed back south to Wilson, NC to spend the weekend with my boyfriend and his family. (Yes, you read that right. No, you don't get more details yet.) From there, after wrapping up an incredible training build with 18 miles on Sunday (10 and 8 mile runs) I headed back north to NJ to spend the rest of the week Down the Shore in Margate with Terri who I've known for more years than I care to acknowledge.

It was a beautiful week to be down the shore....we spent time in the ocean, collecting shells, eating Jersey fresh produce, visiting with friends, and I even got to eat some blue claw crabs on the outside deck of a bar over looking the bay.
Thursday was a great day to take a walk and collect shells.
It was the most relaxing vacation I have taken in a very long time. To add to the relaxation it was a recovery week, so my workouts were less and Terri went running with me and arranged for me to be able to swim at the local JCC.
Because down the shore everything's all right.
It's never enough time at the shore, but all good things must come to an end and I packed up and headed to Michele's.

Being a good triathlete, I traveled with all my gear (and then some). I also found 2 races I could do while up north. The New Jersey State Triathlon was last weekend and they have a Double Down option: Sprint on Saturday, Olympic on Sunday. Not being able to pick just one, I signed up for both. Not nearly the Dopey ideas I've had in the past. It's a local race for Michele and she sherpa'd in the most excellent way!
Photo cred - Michele. Thanks to Central Jersey Tri Club for the hospitality!
Saturday was the sprint and thanks to a training teammate, I was able to race in Green for the first time ever. Coach's directions for the race: Swim controlled just short of really pushing it. On the bike and run... GO! Push and then push more and hold on. I'm a trained/training long course athlete. It's different. But man, this one was fun! Maybe because it's the largest sprint tri in NJ. Maybe because the course was pretty much flat compared to anything I get to run or ride at home. Whatever, it was a GREAT DAY! My swim was non-eventful except for my first kick to the face. 500 meters: 12:22.

The bike was 11 miles and FLAT! I rode big ring the whole loop. Clock time: 33:28. (20ish MPH!!!), at about 90% of my FTP.

A triathlete cannot claim they had a fantastic ride unless they can back it up on the run. So it was time to run. I went out as quick as I could while still feeling in control. My first mile was a 9:14. The bar had been set. Now I needed to hold on. The second mile was 9:18. Wrong direction. I made the decision to leave it all out there and finished mile 3 with a 9:03 and a finishing kick at 8:19 to cross the finish line. Official time was 28:29.
My official sprint (500m swim, 11 mile ride, 5k run) time was 1:19:49 earning me top 20% in my age group.

I've been working my butt off and boy did it pay off Saturday. The next question: Could I repeat a similar effort with the Olympic on Sunday.

After an incredible dinner with Michele's family consisting of amazing Jersey produce, we got to sleep early-ish for a Sunday 0500 alarm. Back to Mercer County Park for the Olympic distance.

The swim was also non-noteworthy. I got through it. Same directions from coach as Saturday. 1500 meters: 41:12. I think this might be my fastest olympic swim to date, but I'm not positive.
Photo Cred Michele. 
The bike was a double loop of Saturday's ride. A little crowded at moments with it being a double loop, but completely manageable. Directions from coach: try to hold on to similar watts as yesterday, if need drop down 10%. 25ish miles 1:17:57 (18+ mph: absolutely my fastest Olympic split evah!) and about 85% of my FTP. Coach and I chatted and he thinks I can get that effort up just a bit more.
Aero and a smile!
Again: I don't get to claim I had a great bike if I can't back it up with a great run. Off on the run. Directions: Find your legs in the first mile, then go! I settled in on the first mile but was a little quick on the clock. I think it was mostly shaded. The sun came out and I settled in a bit, but I was watching my pace slow down: 9:40, 9:47, 9:48, 9:50. NOT the plan. I knew I was going to need to dig in for the last 1.2 miles as I had decided that I WAS going to run a sub-60 10k. Last mile was 9:29 with my final kick at 8:31. Earning me an official time of 59:17 for 6.2 miles!

Overall my Olympic time was 3:04:17 which I think is a distance PR by 10 minutes and a top 1/3 spot in my age group. Thrilled I backed up Saturday's effort with this result. Thrilled to see that all the effort I've been putting in is paying off. Just plain old thrilled with the entire weekend!

Lastly!!! It's time for me to start sending weekly emails and putting up Facebook posts again. I'm returning to the Marine Corp Marathon in October in DC to run with The Kyle Pease Foundation. This year's running partner is Naomi. If you've been thinking about making a donation, now would be the perfect time. Just click HERE! Please help us reach our fundraising goal to #RunwiththeMarines!!
Naomi loves representing Walking with K. Peasey!
(so do I!)