Thursday, August 28, 2014

100 WHAT!?!?!

I had this great blog post all written out. In my head. Not on paper. It's gone now. If you choose to read on, I do not promise any sort of greatness.

Yesterday started off great. I got to run with Adam and once again, we proved being safe and seen is sexy! We count how many runner and cyclists we pass who have no reflection or lights on them. Light up, people! The life you save may be your own!

The rest of the day, not so great. I couldn't focus. I was tired and no amount of coffee could fix it.

Today started off rough. I was determined not to let it get me. I had 2200 yards of swim intervals to complete. There is water aerobics at my pool of choice on Thursday evenings from 6-7 (The time I would swim after work). Easy fix, swim before work. Headed out the door this morning and when I got to the gym I grabbed my swim bag and my gym bag. I reached in to my gym bag and UGGGGGGGGGG! My watch is at home. Yes, I could have swam with out it. Yes, the work out would have counted. But damn it, I had intervals and I wanted my watch.

I climbed back into my car and drove home. When I got back to the gym, I didn't have time to swim, but I did have time to do one of my strength circuits. The swim got done at a different gym after work. I met Harold there. Hi Harold! Good luck at Choo!!!

Other random thoughts:

When rUnladylike interviewed me, she asked me what was the best part of triathlons. I told her the people. It's true. It is through running and tris that I made some of the most amazing people. I've also met a bunch of self absorbed egomaniacs. Back to the positive. You hear me kvell about Adam (RH) on a regular basis. Today I got a much much needed pep talked from Karen. Twice this week she has made my day. The first time was on Tuesday when she just wanted to check in on me. She said I looked really tired Monday night. (I was really tired Monday night.) Today, she just listened. Didn't solve. Didn't judge. Reminded me of things I knew but needed to be reminded of. Hugs Karen! And then tonight there was Keith. Keith put up with my crying mess for 8 miles in Charleston and he makes me laugh.

There are some friends I haven't even met yet. Justin just spent about 2.5 hours talking to me about my saddle and nutrition as I begin my panic for my first Century this Saturday. Thank you Justin for your patience in explaining everything an appreciating that I am completely and utterly in new uncharted territory (to me). Speaking of my saddle. Thank you Anne for suggesting this. Hopefully it will help on Saturday! I get to meet Anne and her husband Saturday at the ride.
A little extra cushion can't be a bad idea.
Food, glorious food. Awesome realization this week that I have a dysfunctional relationship with it. Nothing abusive or necessitating an intervention, just dysfunctional. If we look at my dating history, I know dysfunction I'm just slow to acknowledge it. I don't eat just to fuel. I eat to socialize. I eat to celebrate. I eat because I'm upset. I eat because it tastes good. I eat because I'm bored. I'm trying really, I am, but sometimes I just feel like I'm banging my head against a wall. I was all happy because I broke through my plateau. That lasted 2 weeks.
My absolute favorite summer time meal is a baked tomato. Mind you it is always better in Jersey with a Jersey tomato, but I digress. How mom made it: Take a beefsteak tomato and cut the core out, and scoop a bit out. Sprinkle the tomato with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Be mindful if you have daiquiri mix in a bottle that looks like lemon juice. They don't taste the same. Smoosh croutons in the tomato and around the outside. Melt A LOT of butter and pour over the croutons and tomato. Microwave until hot all the way through. How I make it...use just a little bit of butter, otherwise it's the same. I wanted to use one serving of croutons. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Did you know a serving of croutons is 2 tablespoons? So...2 croutons? This bag is supposed to have 20 servings....that's just funny!
My first century is on Saturday. I'm panicked. I'm nervous. I'm worried about getting lost. I'm worried about not being able to finish it. I'm terrified. But I guess this is true:
And this:


  1. Good morning Shawna,
    I can totally relate about all the saddle issues you have been going through. I had my stock racing saddle adjusted four times within a ten week time span. Even after the second adustment, I questioned about exploring another saddle. My bike guy just kept tilting the nose down thinking this would rectify the left soft tissue involvement. It would help for two or three rides (not w/o something festering up though) before I was back to square one. He finally replaced the saddle with a Terry road/rec saddle. Not only was it ugly, but after five rides and no luck I called Cobb saddles. They referred me to a distributor here and I have been demoing a Cobb vplus saddle. I have used it four three computrainer sessions and three outdoor rides. The last which was my second 100 mile ride on Sunday. My thoughts are when you are riding this frequently and as long as we do for IM training, there is no "perfect" saddle. My issue haven't been eliminated totally, but it tolerable now.
    Is your upcoming Century ride a supported ride where you will have sag or volunteer support? Enjoy!
    I am enjoying reading your blogs.


    1. Hey Pam!!! I've been testing saddles. Currently on the Cobb Plus. My bike guy wants one more ride. I know it will never feel like I'm sitting on a pillow, but some of my rides have a been an exercise in pain tolerance. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone :)