Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And That's a Wrap....

2014 comes to an end tomorrow night. I know this surprises none of you after all, the year always ends on 12/31. However, has this year left anyone wondering: Where did the 365 days go? I remember specifically panicking about IMFL being 6 months away and now IMFL was 2 months ago.

It was a good year.

I moved back home after being displaced for 12 months.

It was a good year.

For about 2 weeks I thought I had a boyfriend. I had some fun first dates, a few second dates and fewer 3rd. The dialogue on my Facebook page about my dating (frequency to lack there of) was always amusing.

It was a good year.

I participated in some events: ATC Resolution Run, Inaugural Dopey, Tybee Run Fest, Publix Half Marathon, Blalock Lake Olympicthe GA 400 Hospitality Ride, the Peachtree Road Race,   the MAAC Century, Augusta HIM, and Ironman Florida. Gatorfest was even in there somewhere (I won my AG and there was even another person in it!). Some were definitely more fun than others.

It was a good year.

I formed new friendships. I end some old ones. Both scenarios helped me get closer to becoming the person I want to be.

It was a good year.

I re-rated for lacrosse and it went very well. Janie and I started a Facebook group for female triathletes: Ironwilled: Women who TRI. This blog was finally begun.
In 2014 if I needed/wanted it, it went on my credit card. This year if I need it the first question will be: Can I borrow...? Then it will be: Do I really need it? Where can I find it for less?

I may or may not race a lot. That will depend on a few things. I know I'm doing IM Louisville, but beyond that, who knows. For those of you who really know me, I'm a planner. This lack of plan is driving me batty a bit, but it is going to be okay.

I'm looking forward to coaching. Plans are in the works for me to officially start working with a runner to help her reach her goals. I'm looking forward to that challenge and hopefully picking up a few more athletes along the way.

What can you look forward to if you stick with me? More of the same: I'm still single and dating. I'm still chasing the words: Shawna you are an IRONMAN! I'm still doing the best I can to live life to the fullest. However, this is me we are talking about, I'm sure there will be some new challenges to meet, greet and conquer!
Let's all have a kickass 2015!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mice and Men...

The best laid plans of mice and men and all that stuff...

IMFL happened. I followed coach's guide to recovery. I started building back up for Dopey. That thing that sounded like a good idea in April: run 4 races in 4 days for a total of 48.6 miles. Don't get me wrong, it's gonna be fun! But I'm putting it in writing: I'M NOT DOING IT NEXT YEAR.

This is my first event I'm doing coach-less (in 2 years). Kind of. I worked with coach last year for this event and I pretty much copied the previous year's workouts.

But this year, something went wrong.

16 days till the first event.

It started a bit ago, my calves were tight. Hell, they are always tight. Then the consecutive days of running began. I haven't run 2 days in a row since I trained for Dopey last year. Actually, the last time I ran 2 days in a row was at Dopey. My calves and my arches have been bothering me.
Saturday I participated in a clinic conducted by AVC Endurance on running drills. I didn't think anything of it and went through the clinic without issue. Well, I mean the coach told me multiple times to slow down, but no major pain issues. If you are interested in seeing some of the drills broken down. Check out the highlights they put together.
After the clinic I went on to complete a double digit run. Part of it I ran with Smitha the not so "Faux Runner".
Donuts for a job well done!
Sunday I rolled out of bed and could barely walk. I do think some of it was from the drills, but you know that 'achy feeling you get after a good workout of muscles you haven't used in a while' feeling. I wasn't sure how I was going to complete my 18 mile run but I really suck at quitting aka: I'm stubborn and not very bright. I met up with Sarah and Stephanie and knocked out 10 with minimal whining. After discussing the run from Saturday we all concurred that I didn't really need 18, 15 would be fine.
Best running friends!
Sarah and Stephanie headed off to their commitments and I finished my run. I decided to check out a "new to me" route. Blah blah blah... 17.4 total on Sunday.
I texted one of my favorite massage therapists and she told me she had an opening Monday after work. Book it! Something huge is up with my legs and this 'thing' cannot become an injury.
I tried to heal myself with latkes (the first and only latkes I have eaten this Chanukah). A nice night with the family Sunday. And despite my best efforts, I didn't even manage more than a 1st degree burn playing with hot oil.

Monday morning was our last iAthlete Yoga session at Inspire Yoga. Lots of attempts to not do an impersonation of the Tin Man. I'm not sure I succeeded.

Work, then massage time. Renee (my go to) worked on my calves and my feet for an hour if not more. Consensus: My calves are in pretty rough shape but not emitting heat (that's a good thing) and my plantar fasciitis is trying to make a reappearance after not having issues for 9 years. Renee isn't just a massage therapist, she too is an endurance athlete/Ironman/crazy in her own way athlete. We talked about what I wanted to do this week between Thursday and Sunday: 3.1, 6.2, 10 and 20 mile runs. The first one I was going to try was 20 miles on Thursday. General consensus...this is a bad idea.

How am I going to keep this nagging issue from becoming an injury? I'm going to try and not be stupid and stubborn. I have gotten some great runs completed and Dopey is all about fun with friends, pictures and medals. I cannot risk injury right now. I have plans for my legs. Lacrosse season starts in February and IM Louisville is less than 10 months away!

I going to kick up my swimming. Already on the schedule was a swim today. I've been checking out the masters swim at Agnes Scott College run by Blue Iron Coaching. Today was just as good as the others and I even got a compliment while doing my drills!

Wednesday was already scheduled as a rest day. Thursday may now be a bike trainer day and I may try running on Friday, but only if I'm pain free. 16 days to race. I have a greater risk of doing damage than reaping benefits from running on pained legs.

And of course there's this:
Doesn't everyone wear compression socks to work and keep a frozen water bottle and lacrosse ball under their desk? And for those in the know: it is not a NOCSAE ball so it's even firmer.

My new mantra:

And if you celebrate:

Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dopey in 30 days (or so)....

On Monday my mother had her shoulder replaced. It's been a very tough week for her and for my dad. I was "this" close to calling out from work, canceling all my plans and heading out to be there with her. Then tonight I spoke to mom and she sounded great. She was lucid, aware and while there were still some cognitive issues, she was aware of them. I think it might have been the best conversation I've had with my mom in a while. To those of you who have included her in your prayers and have sent well wishes, thank you! Please continue as she still has a long road ahead of her!

My next event is the Dopey Challenge in January. This week was also the first week I created my own training plans, sorta.
I went back into my Training Peaks Calendar to see what I did last year and I modified it. Last year I was coming off of a sprained ankle. This year, I am coming off of recovering from IMFL. I feel confident ramping up my mileage a little bit. 
Originally I was going to run 9 miles on Friday but after running 6.2 with Adam we decided that a swim would be a better workout. After all, I didn't really have a rest day on Saturday as I had 4 lacrosse games. Sunday I was reffing 4 games before running 12 miles. He agreed with me that NOT running on Friday was a good idea.

The biggest difference between having a coach and not is that a little voice inside my head during the workout sometimes chirps: If I don't do this, or I change it, no one knows but me. While I didn't need a coach for accountability to get started on the work out, having a coach helped me stick to plan. I did end up modifying my 3 on Wednesday. I had assigned myself a cut back run, but the evening got away from me. Instead I just found a challenging route and ran that.

On Thursday I was looking for a swim workout that would break up the monotony of just swimming laps in the pool. A Facebook friend answered my inquiry for a swim workout and I did pretty well with it. It was for a full body workout and I felt it! 2400 yards done and no boredom.

Sunday was a good day! Not only did I get to trot out a pretty steady 12 mile run over one of my favorite routes, but I got to do it with 2 good friends. Then a 3rd found us and joined us for a 2 hour dinner of good food, good laughs...good times! I've taken to running in Roswell and part of the loop I do is up Timber Ridge Road. It really is getting easier. Our pace dropped slightly, but nearly as significantly has it has in the past.

Earlier in the week the t-shirt fairy came by....

I do love my Raw Threads t-shirts. There actually isn't a t-shirt fairy, but there is a T-shirt Guy. Remember him? I think the last time we were able to hang out was before he dropped me at the Publix Half Marathon. Maybe we got together after that, but I'm really not sure.
Lo and behold, TG doesn't work too far from my office so he swung by for a short visit. He also commented how he hadn't been in my blog for a while and he felt neglected. Hey TG... you made it again!

No new dates to report, but the count this week of married guys (or might as well be married guys) who have told me, "If I weren't married you'd be in trouble," is THREE. As I tell them, this isn't helpful. Maybe I'll make a great second wife.

Meanwhile, I'm tired. It's late. I survived my first week of only be accountable to me!