Sunday, July 27, 2014

Date, ride, run, oh my....

What a great weekend! Friday after work I went to the gym and completed a quick weights circuit. Then I met up with Luis for a 'swim lesson'. He and I both know I will have no major improvements between now and November 1, but I meet with him once a month or so for him to look at my stroke and give me some tips to improving it.

After this I had a date. I know what you are thinking...I had a date last Friday night too. I'm on a roll for first dates. Note I said first. This one a friend of mine played match maker. On paper, it seemed like a good idea. He plays and coaches lacrosse. Told me he'd willingly hold a sign at my races and walk my bike back to the car. We agreed on a casual first date. So I stayed casual: jean skirt and a halter top. He stay casual as well and showed up in a t-shirt and gym shorts. Yes, you read that right, GYM SHORTS! Not to be one to judge a man by his clothes, I tried to move past this first impression. So I listened to what he had to say about different things and that didn't help his cause either. Yesterday (Saturday) I asked him if there was a reason he showed up to meet me in a t-shirt and gym shorts. He said that we agreed to go casual, I told him even casual can give some impression of effort. There will not be a date #2.

Saturday I met up with Neil to ride 56ish on the Silver Comet Trail. He's coming back from being ill so he had no issues riding slow with me. It's very obvious that he is a stronger rider than I am, but for some reason he's willing to ride with me a again next week. I hope he will, he's a good influence. I manage to average out with an 88 cadence and a pace faster than I have ever done that route/distance.

Neil thinks my dating stories are hysterical and I should blog about them.
And unfortunately, yes, I'm still having saddle issues. It breaks my heart, but I may need a second/third opinion on my fit.

Saturday evening was great! I finally got a date I really really wanted. My couch and I bonded. I made some dinner. I relaxed. It was WONDERFUL!

Today (Sunday morning) I had a 12 mile run on my schedule.
I posted my workout in a Triathlete Facebook group I'm a part of and Lane and Stephanie said they were in. My friend David from Florida was in town and said he'd run whatever. Paula was there also, but by bad luck, we didn't see her till after the picture.
What a fun run! It wasn't necessarily the pace I would normally do my long run, but that didn't matter. Goal was to have fun and we did! David ran 8+ with us. Paula ran about 8 with us and we shooed her on her way to finish up her 15. After our last out and back I ran circles in the parking lot to get to 12 miles. Yes, this is as silly as it sounds. While Lane laughed at me, others just nodded their understanding.

Perks of running with me: Lane, Stephanie, David, and Paula all went home
with party favors: zucchini-carrot bread! It can't stay in my house, I'll eat it!
Lane's fueling was off. He dug right in after we finished.
Lane, his girlfriend, Stephanie and I then went out to breakfast. I wasn't paying attention and poured myself a glass of water and then continued to pour the water right over the top lip of the glass and on to the table. More laughs.

It has been established this will happen again as this crazy crew is all doing HIM Augusta, IM Florida and then Disney Goofy/Dopey. We will meet on Columns and run. Even if we are just waving at each other as we go by, it's always nice to see familiar friendly faces.

On the food program to get healthier, stronger, leaner; I finally broke my plateau and I finally see the results in the mirror.
The tape measure doesn't lie, but a good camera angle always helps too!
In case I don't thank y'all (just to drive my Jersey friends nuts!) enough: I really appreciate that you read and so often comment either here, on Facebook or on Daily Mile. I really appreciate all the support you give me in life, training and with this blog.

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