Sunday, October 26, 2014

Feeling Lost....

Six more sleeps. That's it. Seriously. Six more times to put my head on the pillow before I wake up and start my victory lap to celebrate surviving Ironman training.

This was a week of ups and downs.

Darrell made it easy by wearing his DM shirt
Monday was awesome as I finally got to meet Darrel IRL (in real life). We have been DailyMile friends for 2-3 years now. I'm not really sure how we connected, but we did. He's been very supportive of my entire journey by celebrating the accomplishments and helping trouble shoot the set backs. He was in town for work and reached out to see what my training schedule looked like. It was great having company for a very nice and easy 10K. It gave us lots of time to chat!

Tuesday was a 3000yd set of swim intervals. Maybe I am ready for the swim as it just didn't seem like that much.

Wednesday night I met up with "the guy who still lives with his to-be-ex" or as Angela likes to call him, "red flag". Nice dinner and conversation and I like that while he is impressed by my training, he isn't in awe of it. We can talk about it, but we can also talk about other things. If only there was some chemistry between us. I posted on Facebook that I had a second date and that statement alone generated 116 comments. I swear my friends are going to be disappointed if I ever stop dating.

MP all dressed up for the big dance
Thursday I had a 9 mile run in which I was supposed to keep my heart rate low. I nailed the run. I also got to get a bug out a random woman's car because she was terrified and return a lost cell phone.

This weekend has been interesting. Friday I picked up MP (my bike) and Curtis and Cannon Cyclery have him looking awesome and race ready.

Birthday TRI ladies
Saturday Stephanie, Izumi, and I took to Columns Drive for a 2 hour ride. We would have gone to the Silver Comet, but it was the morning of a half marathon/marathon and I didn't want to dodge that many runners. I was supposed to ride for 2 hours at race pace and it should feel easy. I commented on my workout to my coach that it wasn't easy and I don't know that I can keep up this pace, effort, or cadence for 6.5-7 hours. He responded with telling me about taper blues and a pep talk about how it will all come together. I want to believe him, but I haven't had a good ride in a few weeks.

After our ride we headed out to breakfast to chat and celebrate Stephanie and Izumi's birthdays.

Stacey, Sherpa extraordinaire
I am incredibly lucky. I am going to have the most amazing Sherpa for IMFL. My friend Stacey volunteered months ago and she is true to her word. I met up with her after breakfast and we talked about how the weekend would work. I got to ask her some questions and she pretty much assured me that I would have an awesome race, she would make sure of it. She's even going to communicate with my parents to make sure they are in the right place at the right time and chauffeur me home on Sunday.

Today was my last open water swim. Frank and Lizzie who are also racing IMFL were there as were Sarah and Claudia who were there for moral support. Walking to the lake a few things were apparent. It was foggy and we couldn't see the other beach we usually swim too and the water was cold! It got better as we acclimated to it, but the fog did not lift as we swam across.

I kinda went right, not straight
I couldn't keep up with the four of them and very quickly lost the ability to spot off them. I eventually picked up my head to check the distance on my watch and it said .40 miles. Across the lake is only .45 +/-. I couldn't see the beach. I couldn't see them. I could see the bridge and buoys that I had NEVER seen before and we swam that lake every week this summer/early fall. I might have panicked a little. I couldn't get my bearing on which direction to swim. I did have my swim buoy with me, and I was in a wetsuit. There are no motorized boats in this section and really thought I was going to have to float until the fog lifted and I could figure out which way to swim.
I hollered out for Sarah who thankfully heard me and she and Frank swam towards me until we could see each other and then I swam with them to the beach. I swallowed my pride and asked Sarah to hang back with me going back across. She willingly did and then once we could easily see the other beach I told her I was good and she took off.
OWS and rescue team

Six days and this 'thing' that has been out there for 8 months is going to be a reality. I know I can do the swim. It won't be fast and it might not be pretty, but I should make time cut off. I know I can do the run. Same thing, it may not be pretty, but I know I can keep moving forward. I can't get over being worried about the bike. It is the largest chunk of the race and it's the piece I'm most worried about. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying to figure out worse case scenarios for paces to make the cut off times.

I want to thank all of you for the pep talks, listening to me whine, for checking in on me, and for just being a generally awesome part of this journey. There is no way I would have made it this far without all of you near and far. It is humbling and awesome to know I have so many amazing people in my life who genuinely want to see me succeed.

One foot in front of the other. Forward is a pace. 16:59:59 still makes me an Ironman.

You can track my progress on Saturday. I'll post tracking info by the end of the week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

LESS THAN TWO WEEKS (and Tinder).....

Yes, that deserved caps.

After last Saturday's craptastic century, Sunday was a perfectly acceptable 17+ mile run with Tiffany followed but pizza with Stephanie. Yes, my schedule said 18, but I had already reffed 2 lacrosse games that afternoon. Call it a split run, it was really a 20 mile day on my feet.

This week's training was very unexciting. First week of taper. I saw the final plans and my communication with Coach went something like:

Me: I respectfully disagree. I still have 3 weeks to race day 
Coach: I've never let you down....You have done the work now it's time to set your body up to peak on race day ... Just shut up and follow the plan...
Me: Okay
So I did. Sorta. I ended up with a weekend of reffing. Not on the schedule and the toll it takes on my body is one of the reasons I haven't done much if any all fall. I just can't walk away from a field with 2 full teams on it and no officials to make the game happen. More on that in a moment.
It was a very productive week. I finished all my requirements for my run coaching certification. I got a trailer hitch for my car. I signed up for Tinder. WHAT? So much hype and talk, I had to see what was going on. Like I tend to do, I dove in head first. I had 3 dates this weekend. It's okay, I promise I didn't miss a work out.

Thursday night I had the skills portion of my Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED class. Not getting out of work right on time and traffic caused me to be late. The instructor almost didn't let me in to the class because once they start skills, no one is permitted to join. Whew... she bent the rules for me and at the end of the class, she showed me how to take off my rubber gloves.

No matter how many compressions, how many shocks, or how often I made out with him,
like many dates: he remained lifeless.
This is what Tinder has taught me: I attract the wrong guy.

After the class on Thursday I met up with a nice guy who is a GM at a not so local restaurant. I wasn't really looking forward to meeting him, but it ended up being one of the best dates I've been on in a while. He's done a marathon before. Ran distance in high school and college and we had things to talk about beyond running. However, he's only been separated a year and he and his to-be-ex still live in the same home. We did get a GREAT laugh when a mouse ran across the parking lot and I screamed! Meanwhile, I hear for him every day and he asks legit but not annoying questions about my training. What made me "swipe right"? He was holding a lacrosse stick.

Friday night I met up with the Frat Boy. He knows I'm calling him this. Hell, he knows I blog. He stalked me and I didn't even try to stalk him. I think I'm losing my touch. It would seem there aren't a lot of Shawna-s in Marietta on Facebook. I digress. He made me laugh and asked me out. When deciding where to go for dinner, he asked me my favorite food. I told him sushi. He agreed to sushi only for me to find out later, he doesn't really like it. He got a California roll and I pointed out a double shrimp roll that he liked. Give Frat Boy some credit, he tried my tuna tataki and seaweed salad. A nice walk after dinner to get some dessert and another good date. However, he is still a bit bitter about his ex-wife and I think women in general. But a funny, funny guy. He wasn't even annoyed when I had to head home early for my workout on Saturday.

Saturday came around early enough. I had a 56 mile ride and an easy 5 miles run. There was a group rolling out at 7:30 that I was invited to join, but I really wanted to ride on my own. I didn't want to feel like I was slowing anyone down (they are all faster than I am). It didn't end up working that way (me riding on my own). Lane got there and we both rolled out together. After 10 minutes he said good bye and I watched him go on. However, it would turn out that his workout based on power and my goal to focus on cadence put us at about the same pace. I ended up doing his 3:45 workout instead of my 56 miles, but it only added on about 15-20 minutes. Then we were able to run together. Another good match. While Lane is a faster cyclist than I am, I run 'faster' than him. So I was able to keep my pace easy, but also help push him a bit.
Lane's GF/fiancé joined us for the run part!
For my last 'big' work out it went relatively well. I just can't get excited about 112 miles on the bike. I'm still really anxious about that part.

From there I drove an hour north to help train some junior lacrosse officials. Due to some scheduling glitches, I ended up reffing more than training. 3.5 games later and I was a bit tired.

This might have been my shot of Fireball.
But... I had a date. So I rushed home to clean up and headed out to Noca in Roswell. I met the last date of the weekend there. I was starving, he wasn't hungry. I needed food anyway so we got an appetizer and I ate the whole thing. This was the least exciting date of the weekend and it didn't last very long. There was nothing overtly wrong with the guy, but just no chemistry. Conversation was tough. Oh, and he told me he'd be all for legalizing recreational marijuana. He walked me out to my car and suggested we hang out again. I said sure, went to my car, watched him pull away, and realized I was still hungry.

Instead of driving home, I got out of my car and went back in to the bar so I could order dinner. I sat next to the guy who had already shared some of his dinner with me. Before I left the first time I commented that his dinner smelled really good. He said here, have a taste and cut me a piece of his steak and pushed it my way. We chatted quite a bit. I ended up spending another 2 hours there talking to this guy and the bartender. The evening got much better after the first guy left.

Sunday allowed a nice mellow wake up and lazy morning. Then it was off to help rate some adult officials and ref 2 games of my own. Beyond the income, I miss working this fall league because the staff that runs it is a lot of fun.

Delivered as promised :)
The hard stuff is done. The hay is in the barn and any other trite expression you can come up with.


Some friendships didn't, but that's okay. The ones that were meant to last will heal themselves and the others just weren't meant to stand the test of time.

If we've made it this far, please bear with me. Only 13 more sleeps....


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oy Vey, the Long Ride....

I have this little race coming up soon. You may have heard me talk about it. On November 1st I will swim 2.4 miles in the Gulf, ride 112 miles through Florida and then run 26.2 miles throughout Panama City Beach.

There are some things I'm still working on. One is a blister spot that's a new development. I've been wearing Saucony Guides since last January. I did the Dopey series in them, no issues. My friend Maria (remember Maria from Augusta Camp?) suggested I try this powder. Someone else suggested this as a headlight for when I'm running through the park after dark. Amazon delivers right to you door!

Friday night I prepped my nutrition for my last century on my bike (100 miles or so). I keep meaning to share this and you may have your own system, but I'm going to share anyway.
The bottles on the left have a rubber band around them. This means they have water. See, I train with Infinit and it's clear! Easy-peazy way to know which is water and which is fuel!

Saturday morning (today) turned into an interest comedy of errors. I was meeting up with a whole handful of people from the North Georgia Tri Club at the Silver Comet to do 2 loops of 50 which would also be my last century before IMFL. But first, I had to get out of my house. Leaving my bedroom with  my bag on my shoulder, I reach to flip on the hallway lights and managed to crack my head on the corner of the wall. I have a bruise to show for my efforts, but otherwise I'm fine. Are you done laughing yet?

Then after meeting up with the crew and rolling for about 2 miles, I realized that my amazing way to tell infinit from water only works if you pay attention. I had water in my aerobar bottle, not infinit. Not being very bright, I didn't fix it for an hour. So for my first hour of riding, I took in no calories. I think about 11 miles in or so, the group pulled over to wait for me. It was very kind, I was just expecting them to wait for me at 25. I knew they were faster and I was practicing my race-day discipline...let them go. I unclipped my left foot but lost my balance to my right. Rob got a hand on me, but only enough to break my fall not keep me up right. This really is how I landed, it just took a moment for someone to grab a picture. First tip of the season!
Got up and rolled out. Told the group not to wait for me again until the turn around. For about 45 minutes we rode in a nice solid rain. Met up with them (didn't tip this time) and then told them not to wait for me until the parking lot and if they wanted to ride continuous, just do it. Rob, decided to drop back and ride with me and then Neil rode with us for a while also.

Back to the parking lot to take care of 'special needs': fuel, bathroom, Bag Balm. Saw Stephanie and we quickly coordinated lunch plans and she went out to finish her ride. Frank and Nadia were going back out but were waiting for me. I told them to go on, Rob had decided to get a nice LONG ride with me and not do a faster second lap. Once they were assured I had company, they took off.

Rob might just deserve sainthood. I have not had an absolutely-no-good-horrible-rotten training day this cycle. I mean the MACC Century kicked my butt, but it wasn't anything like today. Today was a complete and utter emotional breakdown that included tears and a hyperventilating temper tantrum. It probably started with my lack of prioritizing fueling. By the time we reached the tunnel (our turn around point) I was done.
MP and I did NOT get along today!
 I would have left my bike leaning on this rock but we were about 26 miles from our cars and that would have really sucked to walk barefoot or in bike shoes.
Really hoping I didn't teach that little girl any new words.
Surprisingly when I was pedaling, I managed to avg 87rpms. My goal is always 90, so not too far off, when I actually pedaled. Drug myself back to the cars with Rob trying to be a cheerleader. Pace wasn't as good as my ride of the IMFL course, but not as bad as the MACC ride. Back at the cars I cleaned up the way I always do...

This time I grabbed my conditioner which really helped getting the knots out! Rob and I drove over to meet up with Stephanie for food at Waffle House, of course.! Always great to debrief a workout or race with her!

I got home and seriously couldn't motivate myself to get out of my car. But at least I was told I had good hair!
A nap. Some more tears. A chat with Chuck and I'm ready to take on Sunday: 2 lacrosse games and an 18 mile run with Tiffany.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back...

I feel like I'm doing the Bunny Hop. For every 3 hops forward, one goes back.

It's been a good week. I ran with some good friends on Sunday and we easily knocked out 18+ miles.
Lizzie, Adam, me and Tiffany and McDonald's
I mean easy until my IT Bands decided to rock out on their own. I got them worked on Monday by Renee and already schedule some additional appointments with her before race day. I love being able to bend my legs at will.

Monday night I had date #2 with a guy. I had actually been out with him about 8 years before. It was a one and done meet up. I completely floored him with the details on our first meet and greet. Meanwhile I had been avoiding getting set up with him for about 3 years. Eventually a different friend handed off my number. (This was fine, I'm not protective of my contact information.) I'm sure he's a great guy: good job, educated, getting ready to run some marathons; but he's just not for me. I'm sitting across from him at dinner looking at him and thinking: Do I want to kiss him? The answer was no. Even the hug good bye felt less than platonic. I'm not really wondering anymore why I'm single.

Tuesday a Facebook group was created for female triathletes: Ironwilled: Women Who TRI. My friend Janie created it and I was all in. In less than 24 hours we have more than 200 members and the response has been terrific. We had our first male request access to which the response was:
Thank you for requesting admission to Ironwilled: Women Who Tri. Your application has been denied as you do not meet our minimum qualification.
It's all good, he was just seeing if we were serious or not. We are. The topics have been great and the sense of community is already well established. I'm feeling good about being a part of it.

Remember the boxes that were taking up space on my floor? I now have a dresser and bedframe! Take that IKEA!
Still deciding on drawer pulls
Not only did I finish assembling my dresser I made a spaghetti squash pizza casserole. It was a productive night.

I seem to have gotten a reputation for baking cookies. So much so that Kevin got me this cookie cutter from Augusta:
Yes, I do actually have hair!
Anyway, a friend suggested I sell prepackaged cookie gift plates for Christmas. The thought was I could platter and do the presentation for ready made teachers' gifts. I just don't know the legality of it all, but it sure would be fun to investigate. Maybe friends would just want to buy so that they don't have to trash their own kitchens. What do think? Would this be a viable idea for the holidays?

3 hops forward, 1 hop back.

But life doesn't revolve around triathlon training and baking cookies. This morning I had to admit I'm back to having issues tracking my food. Why do I have such a disconnect with entering my food into an app? I do the training. I just can't wrap my head around the food. So I'm stagnant. I'm not up more than a pound but I'm no closer to race weight today than I was 6 weeks ago. I was told I was self-sabotaging. I couldn't argue.

This whole training thing has taken a toll on my bank account. Beyond the investment of trying new products and clothing, etc.; it dawned on me that I had to give up my weekend work of refereeing because it is physically demanding and I need my legs to train. If I was tired from training, I couldn't give it my all on the field (not fair to the players/coaches they deserve my best). So money out AND no extra money in. Looking forward past IMFL I've been asked to be part of 2 late fall tournaments that I can work. Yipee!
I don't think I've worn this uniform since June.
Then there is some other stuff going on that I just can't share yet. I know I'm being vague, but I'm also being a grown up. Some stuff just shouldn't be shared on the interwebs.

Thank you to the friends who have reached out. If I'm this emotional now, lord help me while I'm tapering.

Back to being happy in 3....2....1....

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Part 2...The Non-Data Version....

I feel like I spent the weekend at summer camp. People were around all the time. Everyone was happy. As much as I have my goal race in 4 weeks (OMG FOUR WEEKS!) I'm fighting my own post race funk.

You've heard me mention Stephanie before. I don't know how to describe her: Tri-wife? Tri-bestie? Tri-friend? Race-mate? We met through a FB training group and found out we have the same race schedule. She's done these races before and while that doesn't minimize her accomplishments, it's great to have someone who will take you under their wing and show you the ropes.
Me and Stephanie the morning of.
Talk about things that are meant to be, we ended up connecting on the highway driving out. Instead of meeting up at the expo, I just followed her there.

We got checked in, got our wrist bands, obligatory name t-shirts and went to an athlete's meeting. Stephanie reminded me there will be online sales as well as more shopping to be done in Florida. After that we parted ways to meet up back up later for a practice swim.

Wandering about the expo a bit longer I bumped in to Allan and Amy, fellow members of the North Georgia Tri Club.
Amy, Allan, and a great print I got from Carrie
I left the expo to find the house where I was going to be staying. A wonderful friend offered her home for use for the weekend. It was absolutely perfect. I wonder if she's taking reservations for 2015 yet...I digress.

Over to the practice swim that was organized by some awesome TriAugusta folks in the Augusta 70.3 Facebook group. While walking from the car to the river, I saw the back and profile of a gentleman leaning on the bridge and I was excited to see someone I knew. I walked up behind him and smacked his ass. Why? Because I thought I knew him. As I continued past him, I turned to say hi only to realize it wasn't who I thought it was! I was so embarrassed. The man looked at me and smiled and told me he had heard Georgia was friendly, he just didn't realize how much. We both got a good laugh over it and Stephanie and I hopped in the river and got acclimated to the chill in the water.

After we swam I saw a guy (Bryan) I had chatted very briefly with at the expo. Found out he was on his own for the evening so we exchanged numbers to see about meeting up for dinner later.

I headed back to the house to clean up and figure out dinner when Kevin messaged me and Heath about Nacho Mamas and we both replied to save us seats. I reach out to Bryan and he said he'd meet me there. Apparently I'm getting a reputation for my cookie baking as Kevin told me he got me a small present from the expo. I said really? Why? He said it's an M-Dot cookie cutter!!!
Me, Kevin, Heath
About 30 some triathletes from the river swim were throughout the restaurant. I had dinner with this impressive crew:
Lester (far right) earned his spot to World's on Sunday.
It was lots of fun bumping in to everyone walking to the restaurant and while hanging out. After dinner Bryan suggested ice cream and since he had never been...we headed to Farm Haus.

Bryan was there racing for the Scott Rigsby Foundation. Turns out some of the people he had been chatting with on Facebook were at Farm Haus, so we joined them. Bryan and I talked about expected finish times for the race. I told him if I caught him, I was going to smack him on the butt. He had an hour head start on me, so it was fun to play Where's Waldo on the run course.

Some of the group racing for Scott Rigsby Foundation.
Saturday morning I met up with Stephanie and her husband for our last big meal before the race. Come on, do I really need to tell you where Stephanie and I went?
From there we went to take our bikes for a quick spin to make sure everything was working right, check in our bikes and then go for a 2 mile shake out run. While getting ready to turn our bikes in we bumped into Karen and her mom again. I was lucky enough to bump into Karen throughout the weekend.

Nice easy run and then Stephanie and I headed back to the expo to meet up and say hello to Allan and his wife Carla. I bumped in to Brad, volunteer extraordinaire.
Brad is often volunteering and always smiling!
Stephanie and I went our separate ways. I headed towards the house. Went to Publix to get half a sub for lunch, some watermelon and food for dinner (chicken and veggies). While I was standing in line, Nancy (I think) asked me if I was racing on Sunday. I said yes, She said she was also and lived locally. She asked if there was anything I needed or was I all set? It was a very genuine question. I've learned to expect this kind of kindness from the folks in Augusta. I assured her I was all set!

After taking a short nap, Sarah got to the house. We gathered our treats and headed to the pasta dinner hosted by St. Paul's Church. This was also the North Georgia Tri Club Meet-up. The dinner was great (even though I didn't eat the pasta/meatballs) and there were LOTS of different cookies. I finally got to meet Michelle from N'awlins. I also got to see Jody who I had done the Ride for a Reason event with as well as too many others to list. I just know I'm going to forget someone. At the meet up we had TWENTY members of our club present and a good number weren't there.
NGTC in Augusta!
After dinner Sarah and I dropped my car off by the finish line for Sunday and then we went and checked out transition.
Pretty surreal with the gorgeous sky and 3000 bikes.
We met a Level 2 tri coach and all she kept saying to me was to go home and get off my feet. Sarah and I did finally head back to the house and she started bossing me around. Okay, not really, but she did tell me to get off Facebook so she could stretch me.

Dark and early we woke up to head over to transition. I met up with Stephanie and also found Lia.
Much better picture than the one in our wetsuits!
IT WAS RACE TIME! Well, at 7:30 for the pro men. Sarah drove me up St. Paul's to hang out for a little and then I headed to the flag pole to meet up with Stephanie. That was the first time of many I bumped into my favorite badasses from Greenville, Lauren and Rho and met their husbands!

Sarah before the swim start.
Lots of fun hanging out, watching the pro men, then women, then Wounded Warriors and Scott Rigsby Foundation athletes launch. Time flew by. Everywhere I turned I was seeing a familiar face. It was great.

We got in 'queue' for our wave and Lia and I had an impromptu dance off with Claudia in the corral behind us. It was time to get ready to swim.
I'm in there with Lia and Stephanie
We were permitted to start in the water, so we did. The horn blew and I started swimming. And swimming. And swimming and then I was done.

For the full race report, click here

I followed Stephanie out of transition and this was the last time I saw her. She has an incredible story and I really enjoy finding out that she kicked major butt on the ride and run.

I never race with 'support'. My dad has made it out to the Merecede's Half Marathon in Birmingham for a quick visit. However on Sunday, Sarah was EVERYWHERE! She took some pictures (most of these pictures are her's) as we rolled out and I figured I find her on the run course. Nope. She showed up at no less than 3 spots on the bike course. It was awesome! Every time she had a sign for me and a big smile telling me how great I was doing.

Into transition 2 and I got to see Karen and use the bathroom. Sorry Karen, I'm not sure which I was more excited about.

On to the run... Sarah hopped all over the course encouraging me and taking pictures. I saw so many people I knew cheering on the course.

Robbie has been getting lots of props in many race reports!
Robbie had told me he'd be down there supporting a friend. It was great to see him so many times on the course. He always had a high-5, a smile and encouragement.

I also was a few minutes ahead of Rho so I got to see Lauren and her crew many times. As I was running along, Natalie hollered at me from a perch with her two boys. It was fun discerning people calling my name because they were reading my bib and who I actually knew. TriAugusta and TriCoachGeorgia had a presence and I looked up to hear Brian cheering for me. Turned a corner and there was Luis. I didn't have time to think about the winding road because I was spotting the crowd for people I knew and the course for NGTC kits and others I knew.

I think around mile 8 Rich finally caught me. He came up behind me and very politely said, "Guess who?" I smiled and told him to get running! I'm slightly disappointed because I didn't get an ass-slap as promised if he caught me!

I leap-frogged with Lynn for a bit and saw Karen's mom on the course. And then there was Bryan...I spotted him ahead of me and I knew I was going to catch him. Being a woman of my word, he got a good slap as I ran by him. Elizabeth was just a moment or two behind me so I saw her family a lot too. She caught me at mile 12 and all I could come up with was, "It's about time you caught me." Elizabeth is one hell of a runner and even though she thinks she didn't have a good run, it was still pretty impressive.

Some don't like the run course because it winds a lot. I really enjoyed it as I got to see people over and over again. I think I even got a shout-out from across the way from Lindsay.

At the finish line I finally got to meet Devon K. We have been in the same place at the same time multiple times this year yet not met. I was talking to Sarah and Devon turned to me and said, "Are you Shawna? I'm Devon."

We hung out a bit. Chatted with others. I got to congratulate Rho on a great race.
If being a badass was a sport, these two would podium every time!
I can't thank Stephanie and Sarah enough for helping me make this a great weekend. And the volunteers. And the JROTC kids who were voluntold to be there were wonderful. And the woman who was dancing in the streets making sure we took the left turn. And the aide stations on the bike and the run. And the family who set up an aide station in front of their home. And the guy serving beer who smiled when I offered to show him proof of age by showing him my leg (I was only #50 to say that). And the guy who handed me a Coke. And everyone who encouraged me as I went by. If I didn't mention you by name (Jeff, Lisa, Millie, Samantha, Sher, Maria, Hal etc) I'm sorry. Every one of you impacted my weekend in the most wonderful way.

I'm not even going to focus on the one negative: walking to transition to get my bike. It's an easy fix. Have sneakers for the walk or get someone else to get it for me.

Huge take-away from the weekend. I found my saddle! The Cobb SHC 170.

MP lives up to his name, but I think my saddle issues are resolved. THANK YOU CURTIS and CANNON CYCLERY! Thank you for working with my fit and getting me to a saddle that works for me. Thank you also for making sure that MP is always in good, safe, working order. And thank you for the ice-cream cone today.

 You heard it here first (or second) I'M IN FOR AUGUSTA 70.3 IN 2015.

I pre-purchased my photos, but haven't received the downloads yet. Hence, the watermark.