Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Second Peachtree Road Race....

Yesterday I participated in my second Peachtree Road Race here in Atlanta. It is the largest 10K in the world with about 60,000 participants ranging from the super elite to participants who walk the route enjoying the street party it can be.

Last year coming off of MARTA I bumped in to my friend Megan and ran the entire course with her just chit-chatting away. It was a truly great time and we finished in 56:26 This year I was told to treat the event as a training run. In other words, no stopping for a snack, a beer, t-shirts. Did I mention this event can be quite a bit of a street party? This year, for some unknown reason, Megan was a corral behind me. I told her I needed to just run, so we didn't run together. She's wicked fast and think she ran faster than me, but I didn't want to start any further back. This year I put my head down, ran straight up the middle. I completed it in 54:56 which is a course and 10K personal best for me, but it wasn't fun. If I do this race again next year no matter what I'm training for, I'm going to enjoy the course and if Megan will take me back,  (and I can keep up with her) I'm going to run with her. These amazing friends got it right....
Stacey & Leah, badass triathletes and wig wearers.
After the race I hung around Piedmont Park with the crew I went down with.
East Cobb Peachy Runners
and bumped into Coach and a few others from the North Georgia Tri Club.
North GA Tri Club
Last year's PRR finished us in the same park, but it was a complete mud pit. While walking back to MARTA with Megan and RH, I spotted a fountains and found a way to get the mud off. This year, RH and I decided it must become a tradition. This year, though, I took off my shoes.
No mud to rinse, but surely they wouldn't have put the fountain there if not for me, right?
Easy trip back on MARTA and a wonderful talk with this guy who I adore for so many reasons....

Adam's friend Troy with an AWESOME photo bomb!
and I was headed to meet up with Stephanie for a fun swim at Red Top Mountain. Perfect weather, quiet cove. We swam in this direction, stopped, picked the next direction. Swam more. Headed towards where the boats were playing (not near them!) which provided opportunity to swim water that felt like the ocean once you get past the breakers. Up and down, up and down. Finished with about a 1.25 mile swim.

From Red Top I was off to chill and grill with some friends who are not connected to my endurance world at all.... and it was WONDERFUL. Stayed much much much later than I planned. Introduced them to grilled zucchini, yellow squash and even grilled green tomatoes thanks to a friend who brought them up from his farm.

Now it's Saturday morning and an official rest day, but I have my second strength workout to get done this week. I want to skip it, but I sent Aaron (food guy) this picture on Friday....
Tri girl problems...must find a guy who likes tan lines!
and he responded with "Wow!!! You go beast." Since he doesn't throw compliments around (he's usually telling me to get my head out of my butt) I'm dragging myself to the gym, then Best Buy, maybe some Bed, Bath and Beyond if there's time....

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster. Running Husband was wonderful. I'm very thankful for friends like him and new friends like Stephanie.

Now to make the most of the weekend....household chores, errands, more pool time and then dinner with my folks today, a 60/5 brick tomorrow.

P.S. T-shirt Guy never reached out before the race, so there is no picture of him for this blog.

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