Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hoo-Ha, Ew ha ha.....

I should probably wait to publish this till tomorrow as I'm really tired and I have no idea if I'll catch any of the typos I'm likely to make. Eh, we'll see.

It's no secret that I've been having issues with my bike. The fit has been adjusted and I've tried 3 different saddle. Today was supposed to be great. We, Josh at and I, thought we'd figured out the right combo.

Today's ride had the making of a complete and utter debacle. I ran out of my Infinit Bike mix. Then when I got to the Silver Comet Trail and started setting up my bike, I realized I forgot my straw for my aero bottle. Good news, it wasn't a COMPLETE debacle....but the saddle/cream combo was only so good.

At about mile 40, I stopped at the convenient store and grabbed a straw. Made the bottle slightly usable.
Met up with Lizzie (Elizabeth, but not the same Elizabeth as Blalock Lakes Tri) and started off on our ride. This is the furthest I've ever ridden. We started at the Bike Depot and by riding out 35 miles, I finally got past Rockmart...interesting place. Turned around at mile 35 and headed straight back to the Coot's Lake trailhead as there is a convenience store there. Got off my bike, got the straw and grabbed some ice. I ate a small almond butter/jam/Ezekiel bread sandwich and checked my cell phone. That's when I saw that Lizze would meet me back at the car.

The ride was tough. I do well with my cadence going out, but on the way back I find myself taking more and more breaks. Mostly it is to get off my saddle or shift some. Some one told me if you aren't going 16 mph, there is no benefit to being in aero. That's all well and good, but by mile 45/50, I couldn't perch on my saddle any other way! I really wanted to stop one more time on my way back in, but convinced myself to tough out the last 11.5 miles and just keep going.

I was about 1.5 miles from my car when a woman was all sorts of wobbly on her bike. I don't even know how to describe the bike, but it was heavy and bulky. I called "on your left" because I was concerned she would swerve into me. She said sorry, I have no control over my bike. I told her to get off it, and I stopped and got off mine. Sure enough, her chain was off. She said she would just walk back and I told her to hold my bike. I quickly popped her chain back on and off she went. She thought I was awesome, I was surprised I could actually make her bike useable again.

There was some new pain development this week. My knees began to hurt (but were fine on the run, but are bothering me again right now) and my toes started to go numb. My right foot went from numb to pain. Yes, I know the difference between sore, bothering, and pain. Can't figure out what happened.

Lizzie was waiting for me when I got back and she put on her running shoes and went out with me for a quick brick. She then shared with me her plan for IMFL....she would be out of the swim as I begin my second lap (yes, she's so fast, I hope she doesn't actually swim right past me, but it could happen), and then I would catch her on the bike and we could run the marathon together. I told her I was going to tether on to her ankle for the swim.

The moment I'd been waiting for from the time I decided to ride the SCT....
I love this fountain!
Lizzie is just as fun as I am... I predict trouble a brewing!
We changed into dry clothes and upon recommendation from the bike shop staff, we landed at a Mexican restaurant nearby. I'm not much of a drinker, but I cannot tell a lie....this tasted sooooo good!

Tomorrow starts a new meal plan from Aaron as we attempt to get me down closer to ideal race weight. Good thing I got a new car....
Grocery shopping for the week.

The aftermath of a brick: ride then quick transition to run.
My roommate is a I'm figuring out the new meals and how to prep them best, she tells that under no uncertain terms, my cooking is exhausting to watch. Oh well....I'm almost all done, but I still need to put up the crockpot for the evening.

The 70 was tough. I don't think the Hoo-ha Glide and the Cobb JOF are a magic bullet, but I think I may be able to tolerate it enough to get through the ride. I'm almost looking forward to only riding 56 miles next week and following it with a 10k run.
I can't believe I'm still awake. Time to prep the crockpot and turn it on.
Be kind if you see a typo... I'll try to fix it tomorrow.

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