Wednesday, July 9, 2014

114 and Counting....

Thanks to my buddy Jeff, I was reminded today that IMFL is in 114 days. It's so far away, and yet it is just around the corner.

In the Facebook group one of the page administrators asked how everyone's training was going. I responded honestly: I have not missed a workout so if my coach knows what he's doing then I am doing great! However, I don't know. If I were training for a marathon, I would have a much better idea of how I'm doing as I've done them before. For a while I was looking at training plans on line. I was paying attention to what workouts others were posting. I was constantly questioning if I was doing enough. Then I realized: I trust my coach. I have to put on my blinders and just keep doing the workouts assigned. If I keep second-guessing and wondering and comparing myself to others I'm going to drive everyone around me battier than I already do.

114 days to get ready to do 140.6 miles in one day.

What have I gotten myself into? Aaron (my food and strength guy) and I were chatting and he asked me what I wanted. Did I want to shake things up or stay status quo?

What I feel like when I'm wearing my tri kit.
114 days till I stand on the sands of Panama City Beach. So close and so far away.

It's time to shake things up. I've lost 13 inches, 10lbs, and 2% body fat with Aaron's guidance but now I've plateaued. Time to kick it back into gear and see if I can get closer to my race weight.

If you know me, you know I have no will power...anyone local have extra freezer space for some food for the next 4 months?

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