Sunday, June 29, 2014

Big Sister is a B@tch

I'll explain the title to the un-indoctrinated shortly...

What a weekend! Saturday, Sarah and I met up for an eight mile run. We used to run together all the time but then I went out and finished graduate school and got a job. I know, unfair! I picked a tougher route than usual as I felt my running needs to get more challenging. After we finished our run we grabbed some breakfast and she mentioned taking her kids up to Red Top Mountain for a hike and maybe a swim. I told her I'd join her. A not-so-quick stop at the outlets and we were off.

I have never swam at Red Top before and it was wonderful! I can't wait for a chance to go up there, swim a little, hike or run and just hang out. After a quick swim I was back in the car headed to watch my nephew play baseball and visit with my folks who came in for the game.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my new car. It makes it much easier to do complete wardrobe changes in parking lots. It also holds my bike just fine until I can get the bike rack I want.

Sunday was another early wake up as some how it was determined that I would do my first BIG group ride by participating in the GA 400 Highway Bike Ride. There were about 1300 riders. The beginning seems much like waiting in a corral to start a running race except I was trying not to fall off my bike.

Surprisingly, I wasn't that anxious about the event. I was completely out of my element and comfort zone: I've never ridden the route and while I knew people who were going to be there, I wasn't riding with anyone. I have a fear of getting lost riding new routes. Made friends in the parking lot getting these 2 guys to help me with my bike. I shifted the derailer and it was right against the chain. While I was making a panic call to a friend I had seen at check-in, the guys fixed it.

The route is unique in that they close the GA 400 Hwy and we ride one exit south and get back off the highway. Riding 400 was just like driving it...lots of people in lanes they shouldn't be in!

The ride went well. Spoke to coach about it and he asked me who I rode with. I laughed. I said I was riding in a group, who did I ride with? No one! I am a gap rider. I often had someone in sight, but many times I rode alone. No one right behind me, no one right in front of me. It's how I roll (or ride or swim).

Thankfully, I got to meet someone from my tri club that I had chatted with on line. He and he friends kept half an eye out for me.

So about that blog title... I participated in the Metric Century (62 miles). This included riding the Three Sisters. These are hills in one of the neighborhoods. The first, The Big Sister, is a BITCH! Scorecard: Big Sister:1, Shawna:0. I had to walk it. I can't even begin to guess how far up it I went, but it was not to the top. The Middle Sister was trying but I was able to duck into a cul-de-sac, get my stride back, and finish up the hill. The Little Sister was tough, but doable. Oh, and you don't get to meet the sisters until about mile 40 of your 62 mile ride.

Today's elevation chart
My average speed was good enough for me considering how much climbing I did and my cadence was okay. Between the climbing and the congested course in the beginning, I still could have spun more.

And in case we weren't spent enough, there was one last climb at the very end. I really wanted to walk it. So damn cruel! But I stayed on my bike. I finished and even managed a 10 minute brick (run right after the bike) on shaky legs.

The good news: I'm so ready for the Augusta Bike course. Compared to what I've been ain't nothin'!
I had a good ride. Made some friends and then took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. That's a jammed pack weekend.

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