Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Trip Around the Sun

Friday was my birthday. Nothing monumental I just survived another year.

The festivities kicked off with getting to go out with my favorite iRONman, while he was in town for business. He came and watched me referee and then we grabbed a great dinner.

Friday, the actual day of my birthday I was able to take most of the day off and even managed to get a massage. I'd love to tell you it was at a spa with a white fluffy robe and sparkling water, but it was deep tissue and it feels best when it's over. Truth. Today she decided to try cupping on me.
This is from after the cups were removed. Out of modesty and not wanting to scar anyone's retinas, I won't post what my ass looks like.

Remember when I said I was done with online dating, but that I had dinner plans with a friend and we didn't know if it was a date or not? It was a date. We had a good time. We continued to hang out to see where things might lead. And things were going well until Friday when on my birthday, he told me he was really busy and we should just be friends. This coming after he wished me a happy birthday. Just like last year....yes, JUST LIKE LAST YEAR, I got the friend speech, or I don't want to date you speech on (or the day before) my birthday. Surely this is a rare and special talent. After all before I turned 39 the guy I was dating disappeared (ghosted) about a week before my birthday. I'm sure it's me.

Friday night some girl friends were supposed to come over and hang out for a girls' night in. Fridays are tough and paved with good intentions. My phone started chirping about 5:30 with multiple varying reasons as to why someone wasn't coming. Most were very good reasons that I completely understand. Kids get sick, sitters cancel. It was unfortunate that so many had similar issues. The good news is the few who were able to make it got to enjoy some great food and good laughs.

Saturday started off GREAT! I met Adam (RH) at Kennesaw Mountain for some trails. We were able to merge his workout and mine to hopefully, make both coaches happy. Adam is this close to going for his first belt buckle (100 miles)! I'm so proud of his determination and perseverance. I know he's going to have a great race! After our run we went to Martin's for biscuits. If not for the stench of cigarette smoke, I might have met my next ex boyfriend while standing in line. Moving on...We had a great breakfast and then headed on our separate ways. I headed up to ref a lacrosse game and then home to meet up with some great friends for more birthday celebrations.
Much much fun Saturday continuing my birthday celebrations and celebrating Pratagonia's birthday as well.
Sunday was a beautiful day outside. Coach had given me an option of a trainer rider or 2-3 hours outside. Posted in the local tri group and got a handful of people to come ride the Silver Comet with me for some Zone 2 base miles. Lane (who needs a haircut) did my whole ride with me. He'd take off for an interval and eventually let me catch back up. It was so wonderful to be outside!
Lane didn't have running shoes with him so I was on my own for my short brick. However, he did hang out and wait for me to finish and we got to chat a little bit more hanging out on the back of his pick-up truck. I didn't even notice if the fountain was on yet, it wasn't that warm out today!
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of me and Stephanie! She and her husband took me out to a most wonderful dinner to cap off my weekend of celebrations. I'm still full a few hours later! Look at this cake!
Finally, the Ironwilled t-shirts and stickers are in so I'm trying to get them all packaged to be shipped.
I think I'm almost there and hopefully will be able to get about 75% of them mailed out tomorrow. We are currently working on a second order of shirts if you want one, let me know...A labor of love, but now...I need sleep.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes and especially those who went out of their way to spend some time with me this weekend. I swear I don't look older than I did when I was 40.

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