Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Irrational Fear???

This conversation just happened. And by just, I mean like 8 minutes ago.
Earlier today I spoke with my coach about races for this season. I assured him I didn't need or want to race a lot, but some are fun and break up the monotony of training. He agreed and suggested Lake Logan 70.3 (preview video) in August. The timing is right as well as it's a hilly bike course which will be good prep for IM Louisville, which is a HILLY bike course.

Have I shared I don't like climbing. I suck at climbing. Or maybe I don't. But IMFL was flat. Not pancake flat and maybe with the Florida Hills (aka head winds) I should have practiced climbing more, but I didn't. Ironically the two group rides I did had a bit of elevation. There was the GA 400 Hospitality Ride where I had to walk one of the hills. Big Sister is a bitch.
Metric Century
My first 100 miler was the MACC Century and while I didn't walk any of the hills, I may have shed a tear or two and definitely used up more time than they allocated.
First 100 mile ride

Is being intimidated by climbing really that irrational? I mean, if you slow down too much, you can tip over. When I first tried to climb a hill, I was in the wrong gear, tried to power through it, and broke the chain. Oh yea, and came crashing down. That was the year when a successful ride was one where I didn't spend time with the ground.

So I guess this is the year I learn how to climb. Curtis and crew at Cannon Cyclery are helping me get set up with a different cassette. I'm going to try and take off the weight (that's another topic all together) that I put on post IMFL and while training for Dopey. The new coach is going to going to give me the tools to succeed.

Need a pep talk? Let me know. I can totally psych you up for ANYTHING....however I have a hard time silencing the voice in my head. Here's to another race season of trying to shut up those damn voices.


  1. Shawna, I can relate to that fear. I did the Copper Triangle ride in Colorado a few years ago. On a TT bike with the wrong gearing for mountains. What did I know? I'm a flat lander from Houston. My husband and I finished about 3 hours after everyone went home. I cried, fell uphill (have a great gear scar to. Show for that one), but I stubbornly finished like an Iron-willed woman :). Next to conquer my 70.3 fear. Thanks for sharing and love your honesty!

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your story! I'm making sure I have the right technology :)

  2. I'm the opposite I guess. I love hills. I love climbing and am working on becoming a known hill person. Problem is, I fear speed. I hate speed. I hate the expectations of flat land because then I should have a good pace and that's not fun. Slow race? Of course it was slow, with all of those hills! Plus if the terrain is pretty much the same I get bored...and sore...I'm a weirdo. Also the hills in Louisville aren't really as bad as they seem, they're just plentiful ;)

  3. I love speed. If only we could figure out a way to go tandem!