Sunday, March 22, 2015

Random Thoughts and the Publix Half Marathon....

Stick with me, this might be a long one..

The end of January I attempted to give notice at my day job as I planned on officiating lacrosse full time while trying to figure out my next step as a grown up. However, my employer convinced me to stay on. So right now I'm working for him as much as I can while also honoring the full time collegiate lacrosse schedule I've been given. Oh, and continue training for my up coming races. Life is currently a blur and half the time I don't know what state I'm in. All this movement and lack of time to sit still and think is stressing me a bit and it's impacting many things.


One of the biggest issues is food. While you can eat ok on the road. It's really hard to eat well and smart while driving. Unfortunately many trips are solo and it is tough to eat a big salad while driving. My weight it still up and I have banished my scale to under my bed. I just can't focus on that right now. I'm doing the best I can, and soon college season will be over and things will settle down. The bigger frustration isn't the damn scale, it's my damn clothing.

I had a chance to chat with coach and we figured out my race schedule. Unfortunately there isn't an Olympic Distance local enough in the time frame I have to work with. Oh well, it doesn't seem to bother him.

Here's my schedule if you'd like to join me! After all, it isn't stalking if I invite you! (too soon?)
For the past three years I have run the Georgia Publix Half Marathon. This year I was registered, but forgot I had committed to a lacrosse tournament and wasn't trained, so I didn't run it. Plus, to be honest, I don't like the race. It's not my favorite course and it is smack dab in the middle of lacrosse season. My legs and body are tired, NOT race ready. So instead, Christine and I cheered.

And cheer we did! We got blisters on our fingers from so much cowbell.

Thank you Stacy for being awesome and lending out your wigs.
We were working cheering the corner of Virginia and Highlands, which was about mile 7.5 for the half marathon. We were helping represent for The Kyle Pease Foundation. They had A LOT of athletes participating, even in the rain. The least we could do was provide encouragement.

It was a great corner and unfortunately/fortunately because of the weather is wasn't that crowded of a spot. We were able to spot many runners we knew and I loved getting to run 50-100 yards with them to check in and wish them well as they entered the last third of the race.

As the runners started to dwindle, Christine and I started making our way up to see if we could find the sweepers. As we walked up we found this sign:
Fitting for both of us!
Then we found a water stop. Cheering is hard work so I grabbed a drink.

Christine and I both jumped in and passed out drinks to those who were still making their way.

See that guy? He's not a volunteer. Whoever was supposed to volunteer to man this water station/aide station DIDN'T SHOW UP!!! Not one person from whatever group said they would be there showed up. At mile 7.5 on the half. SERIOUSLY!?!? Are you kidding me?

These guys were Lifetime Race staff. With no volunteers they stayed and the crew kept up with the water and PowerAde to the VERY LAST RUNNER! Water and PowerAde for all. Christine and I apologized to the guys for not knowing. Had we known, we would have cheered and passed out water at the same time. I just can't believe an entire group thought it was okay to just not show up.

Meanwhile, she and I stayed until we saw the sweepers. We got to see the first and last runner!

We passed out the last bits of water. Cheered them on and helped the guys break down the aide station. Then we headed to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. We took off our wigs, but we did leave the tutus on! If only we had remembered to take a picture.

Cheering is exhausting and I faced a major dilemma when I got home....
Eventually I did get an hour spin completed after about 30 minutes on the couch. One day I will ride in the rain, today just wasn't that day. All I can say is some days, the struggle is real!

Hope everyone has a great week. I'll be spending most of it in Tennessee.

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