Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Last Day as a 30something

How I spent my last day as a 30something...

You should know I dread any workout that has an assigned pace. It stresses me out.Today was no different. I was assigned (again): 10-8-9-8-10 (pace for each mile). I whined about it all day yesterday to anyone that would listen.

What did I produce? 9:50, 7:53, 8:57, 7:54, 9:43. ROCK STAR! 2 sub-8 minute miles in the middle of a 5 mile run.

Buzzing from my run I went to work. Chatted with my friend, the T-shirt Guy and then got a text from another person that said: Can I call you soon? da da da dummmmmm.....nothing good ever happens in those conversations.

I was right.

He decided he did not wish to pursue a potential relationship with me. It would have been an LDR. We've met. Spent pretty much everyday since that meeting texting and speaking on the phone. I had just figured out some time in a couple of weeks where I could meet him half way instead of waiting till the end of lacrosse season. Kudos to him for being honest and letting me know sooner rather than later that this was how he felt and he didn't want to get together that weekend. However! Isn't there some code about the day before a girl's birthday?

No real time to mourn what wasn't meant to be as I'm actively mourning the passing of my 30s. 

Off to Tennessee I went for a college lacrosse game. Great game. Lots of running, one goal differential at the end. Drive home,

Oh, I failed to mention the rash I got on my legs and arms a couple of days ago. Looks like I may be spending some time on my actual birthday at a doctor's office. It would seem I reacted to the pool on Monday or the inevitable reality that I'm turning 40 in 10 minutes. 

2 benadryl later and I'm typing this up......sweet dreams to you all. I'm waking up as a 40 year old!

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