Friday, April 11, 2014

Blast from the past....

Today I was sitting at work minding my own business. Who am I kidding? I was sitting at work stalking all of you on Facebook, Twitter, DailyMile, etc...when I received a friend request from a guy who bullied the hell out of me in middle school.

I know this is shocking, but I was quite the dork in middle school. Thankfully I have no pictures readily available, but it wasn't pretty. This guy and his friend made my bus ride to and from school a living hell. I had gum put in my hair. His friend threatened to cut me with a knife he allegedly had. The bus driver used to let me off the bus half a block ahead so I could get home before them. At one point, my mother made my brother meet me at the bus stop. My dad would drive me to school.

I remember all of this vividly. And since I make my blog posts public, he may find out as well. But I didn't want him to know this, right away anyway.

A friend suggested that maybe he had grown up and wanted to apologize. I guess not. All I really want to know is: Was the rumor about him being arrested for a drive by at the local TGIFridays while I was away at college true?
Feel free to share your bullying story.....

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