Monday, April 28, 2014

6 months...what!?!....

Six months from Thursday I will be standing on the beach in Panama City, FL waiting to enter the water. Six months from Thursday I will swim 2.5 miles (I plan on not swimming straight), bike 112 miles (I pray I don't get lost on this part) and run/jog/hobble/ walk/crawl 26.5 (again, I doubt I'll be moving on tangents) all in the hopes of hearing "Shawna you are an IRONMAN!"

It's going to be a long six months. And, it is going to fly by.

Obligatory selfie.
Yesterday I did my first 'long ride'. It was 56 miles. I had company for the first 25 miles which was nice then I was on my own. I was told to take my time, focus on cadence and just get it done. If I couldn't get it done, just go as far as I could. My longest ride before this one had been about 33 miles! We rode out on the Silver Comet about 21 miles and then took a short break. We refilled water bottles, took a selfie, and got going again back in the direction of the cars. Oh my, the restart hurt.

I got back to my car around mile 42 and refilled my water bottles. I had lots of thoughts of not going back out. After all, my workout said, "do what you can :) I want 56 but understand if you cant get it all in." I secretly love when Coach gives me an out. I love to prove him wrong. When he says: I doubt you'll do the whole thing and that's it isn't!

Leaving from the car I only needed to go out 7 miles, turn around, and come back.

Around mile 3 (mile 45 in sum) I decided I was done. But I would do one more mile. Then I'm going to turn around. But I'm going to just do one more mile. You get the idea. I made it out 7. I got off my bike. Sent Coach a text that said, "I hate you." He reminded me I have to ride twice as far in 6 months. I told him I can do math.
I thought about leaving my bike here, but then I decided walking 7 miles would suck too.
Every.Stroke.Hurt. Something is going on with my hip and I don't like it.

Spoke with coach after the ride. He told me I did great. Pulling myself through the end of the ride on my own is what race day is about. He also explained that we are in the building process. 3 weeks build then 1 week recover.

I would say from the looks of it, this is another build week!

Non training related event from this weekend include finding a dining room table at a garage sale and falling asleep getting my hair cut. I told someone last night if I sit still I fall asleep. I was not joking!
Here's to the harsh realization that IMFL (Ironman Florida for those of you new around here) is going to be here sooner rather than later.


  1. Shawna, with your attitude, you WILL be an IRONMAN in six months! That ability to just "go one more mile" is what will carry you for 140.6! I can't wait to cross that Finish Line for the first time, myself, and can't wait to share the celebration! I look forward to following your journey here!

    Feel free to check out my journey at !

  2. I'll be there at Panama City Beach with you on Nov. 1st, a 1st time 140.6 racer myself as well. You can do this! Just keep moving, training and listening to your coach and you will make it to the finishing line.