Thursday, March 6, 2014

Holy Crap, I'm 40.....

Two score and no years ago our mother brought forth on this continent a new person, conceived in inebriety, and dedicated to the proposition that all women are created to run. (and swim and bike).... (Thanks Marc for the quote!)
My charming OLDER brother, Marc!

Last night I quickly pounded out how I spent the last day of my 30s. Tonight I'll share briefly how I spent the first day of my 40s....

I woke up this morning feeling old and tired. Not because I'm old, but because I'm tired. My sister reminded me 'tis the season. Lacrosse season that is. Only about 6 more weeks...I can do this. It's daily speed work for my IM training.

2 Benedryl last night and I'm still covered in whatever allergic reaction I'm experiencing. Off to the doc's I go. Prednisone and some prescription cream.... I'm about to buy a pill sorter to keep everything straight! That is what old people do, right?

While waiting for the prescriptions to fill I get a text from a guy that I thought had blown me off and I had written off. I tend to do that if you stand me up for a date. He wanted to know, "Did you want me to come over on Sunday?" Really? No. He waited this long after I told him I obviously didn't matter to him to contact me. Thank you for proving my point. The guy from yesterday texted to wish me a happy birthday. I pointed out that he told me he didn't want to date me the day before my birthday. He apparently hadn't done the math and conceded to being an @ss. Who's to argue?

In my 40s, I will be an option to no one. Until then...
As I do every afternoon Tuesday-Sunday, I left work and headed to a lacrosse game. One of my partners was kind enough to drive knowing that I had a really long drive yesterday. Good game to officiate. Lousy weather. One of the centers told me I was her favorite official! Day made. Drive home my phone was dead. Yes, I know, I was devastated as well. My partner and I actually talked the whole drive back (actually not too surprising if you knew who I was with). We talked about his kids. We talked about my dating life or lack there of. And for the last 20-30 minutes we talked about faith. Faith that G-d has a plan for us but we can always be derailed by free will. We discussed his faith in G-d to help and guide his children and my lack of faith in a master plan. It was deep. It was rewarding. I think (and I could be wrong) it took our friendship to a different level. Because I have issues being overly serious, I of course ended the conversation lightening the mood. I looked at him and said, "Wow! You are deeper than a kiddie pool."

Back at my car I head home. Got to my sister's house where a lovely Edible Arrangements was waiting from my friend in NJ. My sister had picked up balloons. My brother and parents had sent cards.

Tomorrow I'll celebrate with friends and my sister's family. I can't thank my sister enough for all she's done for me this week and in helping me put together my party. I could not have done it without her. I've got a pretty awesome family!

All in all. It was a great day to turn 40. 


  1. Happy birthday, Shawna, from someone who also recently went through the traumatic event of turning 40. :) Someone sent me a card that said: They say the first 40 years of childhood are the hardest. Let's hope! Did you ever find out about IMFL?

    1. I'm still waiting on IMFL!!! Driving me nuts!!!