Monday, March 24, 2014

It's all about priorities....

Last weekend while out with T-shirt Guy (TG), he asked if I wanted to run the Publix Half Marathon. He had an extra bib so I said I would. He promised we would run at my pace as he's freakin' fast! Then a friend offered me her husband's bib. I took that and TG gave his to someone else. TG also connected me with a reasonable rate at a hotel downtown. I have now been spoiled, what a great relaxing race morning!

Race morning....

TG and I met up in the hotel lobby and headed over to the corrals. We went by the charity tents so he could visit with his friends from Back on My Feet and I found some friends at Girls on the Run and MARC. Hanging out in the corral Carla found me!

Don't ask. Don't tell. I started in B with TG. My directions from Coach were to chill out, stay at a cruising pace, talk to strangers and thank the volunteers. As he reminded me, there was no reason for me to racing this. We went out a little fast for me, but nothing that was going to cause issues later. Around mile 7 or so, TG starts talking about how the last mile he's going to drop me. I tell him he can drop me now. He states that we are at a good pace as long as I can keep it up. I remind him the only time I tell him we need to slow down is when he drops to 8:30s. At mile 8, he says he's going to probably drop me at Mile 10. Again, I tell him he can drop me now. SO HE DOES! I holler after him that the only reason I'm running this course that I don't enjoy is because of him.

It isn't an easy course!
SMH...silly boys. Truth be told, I think he was happy a friend of his was going to meet him at the finish line and he wanted to get there.

My splits till his departure:
8:56, 10:24 (potty break), 8:54, 9:27, 9:05, 9:03, 9:21, 9:03, 9:25 (picture with the beer guys)

Since he dropped me, I decided to have fun with the race. These nice people were out offering beer.

About a half a mile later I ran past a friend. She wasn't having a great race and when I asked if she wanted company she immediately answered, "yes." I slowed down and ran with her. After a couple minutes of running with her, she told me to go ahead. I told her absolutely not. Something serious was going on as she was dealing with serious physical challenges.

The hot firemen were out. Knowing that my friend needed a break, I suggested we take a picture with them. I took a picture with the same firehouse Thanksgiving Half when I needed a break.

By pure grit and determination, my friend pulled through to the end of the race. I immediately took her to the medical tent where they determined she was dehydrated. 3 bottles of PowerAde later and some medical monitoring...she was back on her feet.

My last splits: 10:41, 10:51, 12:24, 12:02

I'm not pleased to report my friend had such a hard time with the last part of the race, but I am glad I was able to be there for her. Her well being was absolutely paramount to my finish time.

Do you believe is fate? Destiny? I was wearing her husband's bib.

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  1. Now THAT is an amazing race story. You were Lisa's race angel! So very cool. Glad you had a good race and very glad Lisa is okay. And happy I got to see you for a second before the start! :)