Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Now....

Mind if a brag for a moment? I mean I really need to share this with someone. Today I ran 10 miles. I know you are thinking, "So what? That's what you do." But, but, but in the three weeks since Dopey, I've run a TOTAL of 7.5 miles. Yes, I've been swimming and spinning. It's such a surreal feeling to know I can pull a 10 mile run out of my back pocket. It helps when you're running with a friend who talks as much as you do. And you stop a few miles in to chat with friends you've crossed paths with on the Silver Comet Trail. But I did it! And damn if TG doesn't like to park where we have to run up a hill at the end.
The most horrible selfie ever taken of me and Tshirt Guy
Ok, back to the life updates...

A couple of months ago I was shopping for a new triathlon coach. After talking with a few and thinking some personal changes were going to be happening, I decided to not select a coach at this time. However, one of the coaches I spoke to said he was raffling off a free month of coaching, would I like to enter? Sure, why not. Not like I've won anything recently. I jest! I had a very lucky year which is one of the reasons I did not enter the Kona lottery. I was afraid I would win.

Anyway... Brant from Dream Big Triathlon Coaching LLC contacted me and told me I'd won a free month. SWEET! I tell him I have Dopey. We both agree to wait to get started until after I'm fully recovered from it. The time has come. I'm STOKED!

Other things that happened this week. Ironwilled, LLC was formed and filed or is it filed and formed? I was accepted and registered for the Level 1 USAT course in Nashville. I signed up to learn how to teach adults to swim. Lacrosse season started (#whistlewhileyouwork).

I had a date. I think I'm now the Vice President of my homeowners association board of directors, or something like that. I burned myself at Starbucks.

I think the most exciting thing to report on was that I got 11 hours of sleep Friday night. I know I need to get out more.

I'm guessing most of you won't read this because I'm publishing it during the second half of the Superbowl, but sometimes, I just like to yammer about.

If you actually read this far and you missed last week's about volunteering, you should check it out. I had a blast with Stacy at the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K volunteering.

Have a great week!

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