Monday, January 26, 2015

A Wig, a Bike, a Big Mouth....

What a weekend! I am learning to embrace going out of my comfort zone. What is the saying? Growth begins where comfort ends?

Friday night I got to enjoy amazing home made Indian food with some amazing tri friends and then Saturday was a whirl-wind of events including a lovely quick trail run on which I performed a public service and confirmed that gravity is still indeed working on our planet.

Then dinner with some FB friends in real life...
Happy Birthday, Dash!
And then a NGTC social in which these simple yet delish treats disappeared almost before I got them down on the table.
Cheesecake filled strawberries and chocolate covered strawberries
Then there was Sunday....The Hot Chocolate 5K/15K in downtown Atlanta. I don't like the course and I find it expensive, so I opt out of racing it. However, I knew many people who were and a good friend invited me to come down and cheer with her.

This was my first time spectating a race AND wearing a costume. Cheering I could handle, it was the wig and tutu I wasn't necessarily excited about. But then this happened....
In a moment of being humble: I looked adorable and the sign says: In search of a good man with BETTER endurance.
A special thanks to my sister who loaned me her bicycle. Yes, I have two of my own, but neither is a comfy beach cruiser!
Me and Stacy on our way from Mile 1 to Mile 9 to continue cheering.
Thanks for the picture Richie Rich!
I loved seeing friends on the course. A couple even took time to stop for a quick picture. Others came by for a high-5 or a hug. I thoroughly enjoyed cheering on EVERYONE. The fast runners, the walkers and everyone in between. I got lots of laughs and when I realized (which I already knew this race would be mostly women) I was cheering a pack of women I just yelled, "Tell your brother to call me!" and "I'll be on this corner later too!" Lots of laughs, high-5s and even some random pictures.

Milia at the end of the race (she turned around and came back for me)!

Dash at the beginning
These lovely ladies suggested we take our picture with them. I probably shouldn't out them and say, I think they wanted an excuse to stop. But look at them, they looked awesome!

I had so much fun. If you remember I had fun volunteering too! What have I learned? There is much joy to be found just being part of the race day. Volunteer, spectate, race just get out there!

After the race Stacy and I were having so much fun with the bikes, we took them down to the river to keep riding. We had a blast remembering that we used to ride our bikes for fun. I must admit if my trainer had the saddle this beach cruiser has, I'd pedal away everyday. No hoo-ha issues!!!

Thanks Luis for the photo. Thank you Steve P. for the streamers!
After a fantastic weekend (I also found out I'm going to be attending the USAT Level 1 class in April!!) I had a blah start to Monday. How hard is it to remember to pack your panties in your gym bag? AND while this is not the first time I have forgotten an under garment, I also packed the wrong jeans. I packed my skinny jeans and not my baggy jeans. Why is this a problem? One, I don't feel 'skinny' and two, the skinny jeans sit tight on my knees that are banged up from the weekend. Good thing I work in a 'no dress code office'. I'm in my running tights for later!

And a funny dating bit since I know many of you enjoy these. I haven't heard from this man in 3 weeks. This is the text I get today:

I'll leave you with this thought....changes are in the air. Watch this space for developing information!


  1. Love this post. That text though ... The guy gives all of us males a bad name. *FACE PALM*

  2. Love the joy in your spectating and biking for enjoyment Shawna. Such great pictures too. Really enjoyed the text. Some people are so daft. Thanks for giving me a smile today!