Sunday, February 15, 2015

0 to B!tch in 14 minutes

If you remember early last week I announced I was done with online dating. I deleted my accounts and removed any apps from my phone. I also told a couple different people I wasn't interested in communicating any more.

One guy was a guy named Tim. He would send me a message, I would reply and I would hear nothing from him for a week or two. We almost met on Superbowl, but that didn't happen and I didn't hear from him for another week. I told him I wasn't interested in someone who could only remember I existed once in a while. Plus, we had been talking for over a month and I was not looking for a text buddy.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I felt loved and appreciated as I a few friends reached out. I'm sitting at brunch with my folks and I get a text from a number I don't recognize. You know, the best way to tell this story is to just post it:
As you can see, I decided to play along for a little bit. But then, I was done.

 And then I wasn't amused anymore.
I mean, I'm annoyed. I'm frustrated. I don't like being in the complete dark. And that's where I was...I Googled the number. I entered it into Facebook to see if it was connected to an account. No luck with either. I think this was about the time I posted his phone number on my Facebook account to see if one of the people I'm connected with knew who it was. I even tried calling a friend of mine who is a police officer to see if he could trace it. More on my Facebook post in a moment.

I often joke with friends when the tell me they Facebook stalk me that it's okay. It's nice to have stalkers because then I know I'm never really alone. HOWEVER, I can joke because it's never really happened to me. I say I live my life out loud (a lot of it's public). He crossed the line when he played the Stalker line. Not funny.

I'm pissed off. I'm a bit freaked out. And he wants to know if I want to hang out? Despite all this I still managed to reply with my favorite line of the week: No, thank you.
Later in the evening, one of my friends on FB comments, "Hey, That's Tim." Crazy.
Want to meet me? Want to maybe date me? Don't be an asshole. WTH was this guy thinking? What the hell are most of these guys thinking? I'm pretty sure I made it perfectly clear I wasn't amused. I'm so pissed off at this jerk that I almost left his phone number on the screen shots as I promote this blog throughout the cyber world.
Meanwhile, I'm leaving his self identifying information up, because he earned it.
End of rant.

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