Sunday, January 4, 2015

Any Idiot Can Run.....

It takes a special kind of idiot to run 4 races in a row that requires one to wake up at 2:30/3am for 4 days straight.

I can't wrap  my head around why I'm so indifferent about this event. Maybe because I'm going with a different crew than last year... maybe because I never took any time off after IMFL. I don't know. I am going with some great people and I'm running with Stephanie for the long races. Our goals match perfectly and I know it will be a lot of fun. My house is even hosting a meet up for some friends on Saturday. It'll be tons of fun and lots of pics to prove it!

I just can't get psyched up for the event. I'm in a Facebook group and everyone is wigging out and freaking out and I'm sitting over here thinking: Eh. Is it over yet? I know once I'm packed and on the road, I'll start getting more excited. Last year I had 3 PRs for slowest times for each distance. Maybe I'll see if I can get all 4 this year!

Some of this disinterest I'm crediting to still adjusting to not having a coach. I've never needed the encouragement to get out the door. I have found that I'm missing the accountability of someone looking at my workout to see that I did it as assigned. I'm thankful for a good friend who has promised to help me with some things after Dopey. After I recover, I want to work on strength and speed to build my base for lacrosse season as well as prepping for IMLou training (another issue and it's still 9 months away.)

Yes, Barry, I'm still dating. There was the kid Christmas Day. What the heck, I'll open up my age range...he was a kid (legal but young). And he was wigged out because we knew people in common. Then there was a guy New Years Day. I thought it went well. We met up for a drink and talked for about 2 hours. He's a cyclist and a runner. Again, we knew people in common. To be honest, I'm legitimately confused as to why I haven't heard from him. I'm also over it.

It's a new year and time for renewed focus. I'm trying to figure out what I want this blog to be. Do I just keep spewing the thoughts from my head?
Do I try to become a brand like some other bloggers and some of my friends? Do I want to expand my reach or just keep sharing my 'diary' with people who, for the most part, already know me? Do you have an opinion?

So many decisions....

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