Monday, September 1, 2014

We are Family....

About a 6 weeks ago, my mother told me they (she and my father) would be in town for Labor Day weekend. I assured her I'd see them, but I didn't know my schedule yet.

What was my schedule this weekend? Just a Century ride on Saturday, a 13 mile run on Sunday, a 1.2 mile swim on Monday. Dinner plans with my out of town guest on Friday. Dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in 4 months on Sunday. Oh, I didn't mention that? A friend was coming to the area (plane ticket bought a month or so ago) and her original housing plans fell through. She told me she was staying at a hotel and I told her I could offer her a couch and a key, but that I wouldn't be around. I think I spent a total of 4 hours with her and she was here from Thursday evening through this afternoon. I was home so little (she had plans, I didn't abandon her) that I didn't even get a picture with her!

After a great open water recovery swim this morning at Red Top Mountain (one of my happy places)
Red Top Cove
 I got to have a fun breakfast with these awesome people.
Yes, Stephanie and I train for Waffle House
From there I went to hang out with the Family. I got to see my folks Saturday night as well. My mother's favorite restaurant is PF Chang's. If you are a single male and reading this and thinking maybe, just maybe, you'd like to break bread with me; make note: NO CHAINS! But mom loves this place, so that's where we had dinner.

Back to today....I met everyone (my sister and her family and my folks) at Bagelicious. My mother just got a new laptop and it has Windows 8. Guess who is the only one who has had any interaction with Windows 8? I got voluntold to go back to my sister's to help my mother with her computer. (I was planning on hanging out with them anyway but me as the IT Help Center - that's just funny!)

Mom and I sat on the couch and I showed her (and dad) how to make the screen look more familiar. 
Might just be mom's first selfie
We also reviewed many of the pages that The Facebook randomly decided she should follow, because The Facebook does that. We did lots of unliking! I also tried to explain the components of the Facebook home page: ads, activity, etc. Saturday night we talked about 'liking' EVERYTHING I post on Facebook. Mom said she just wanted me to know she saw what I posted. I told her I would prefer to think that she actually misses some things.

You may or may not know, but I used to be a Social Studies Teacher. My sister used to teach math. While she taunted me with imaginary numbers, I got to help my niece with her social studies homework.
I think our work session went well.
My nephew was in the other room getting his homework done and my sister was lamenting about the quantity of his homework. I told her we had lots of homework. She said, "I don't know how much homework I had in high school, I never did it." (I have permission to share this!)

After some quality time with my folks and family (and determining I could fit into one of my niece's swimsuits if I wanted) it was time to head home. My sister walked me out and we chatted for a few minutes. My niece came stomping out in classic preteen fashion. After getting to the bottom of the issue I turned to my sister and told her: She is just like you and when she isn't like you she is like me! Ha! Mom did better than win when she said "may you have one just like you!" My sister conceded I was right and walked away.
I love my mini me!
I love my family but after a century, a half marathon, and mile swim; a bit of socializing and tutoring my mother on The Facebook this might just be dinner...

Much, much, much needed rest day tomorrow!

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