Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is The Grass Greener....

In case you didn't know, I'm single. We are talking incredibly unattached to anything. No significant other, no children, no dogs, cats or fishes. My RoadID emergency contact is my sister and brother-in-law. I'm thankful for them, but you know...

Being a single/unattached (from now on referred to simply as single) woman is amazing. Really. I'm in a Facebook group for single (but not necessarily unattached) triathletes and this question came up the other day. I just reviewed what others said and a lot of the positives were ones I already planned on sharing with you.
  • One calendar to check before committing to something
  • I train when I can/when I want. (I do have a job and some seasons more than one)
  • I can sleep in the middle of the bed
  • No one complains about my bike being a regular object in the living room.
  • No one complains about dishes left in the sink or water bottles hanging out on the dish rack
  • Collection of running shoes by the front door, no problem
  • I can stay in bed till 11 on rest days if I choose
  • Ice one around to hear me whine
  • I don't need anyone's permission to agree to a race (well, besides my coach)
  • No one complains when my alarm goes off at 4:30a.m.
  • No one to hear me yell F@CK when I kick something I left on the ground.
It's possible I just broke my toe
  • I come home when I want.
  • If I don't feel like cooking, I can pick something up
  • I spend my money on what I want, when I want
  • Only my mess to clean, my laundry to wash
  • After a long workout, I can just be. I can sit on the couch and no one needs me
  • I never have to worry about the toilet seat being up!
I am only responsible to and for me. I can do whatever I want!
However it sucks being a single long course triathlete.
  • If there's no food in the fridge, it stays that way
  • Laundry has to be done no matter how tired I am
  • No dish fairy
  • If I'm too tired to prepare food, I have to suck it up or go to bed hungry
  • No one cares when I come home
  • No special someone waiting for me at the finish line
  • When the world seems to be overwhelming, no one to give me a hug and tell me it all be okay
  • No one to curl up with on a cold night
  • No one to split chores and issues as they arise
  • No one to just be with
  • No one who says, "You just rode 100 miles, I'll get your bike out of the car."
  • No invites to social situations that are couples only
No one has my back but me.
This doesn't mean I'm desperate or lonely, just single. When the car breaks, I have to fix it. When a contractor has to come to the condo, I have to be here. Chores, on me. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much. But I get over it, because I'd rather be happy single than miserable in a bad relationship. 
That sounds kind of obnoxious, but I'm not going to date someone just so I can say I'm not single. 
The next time you are looking at me thinking how great I have it remember that I might be looking at you thinking how great you have it. There are pros and cons to both of our situations.  
P.S. I wrote about my family the other day. You might have missed it because I didn't link in the race groups.

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