Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Might Just be Getting Stronger...

There was this one time I uploaded data for a ride to Training Peaks that included commentary that I nailed my ride workout. One time in this entire training cycle until yesterday.

I hate my bike. I hate the bike. I hate riding. I hate how I feel when riding. I hate how my hoo-ha feels when I'm done riding.

After last weekend's horrifically awful (physical feelings) yet amazing (training wise because I actually finished it) Century plus a few miles, I spoke with Curtis at Cannon Cyclery about my feelings about MP (Money Pit, aka My Bike). Actually, he called me! Talk about service! I was planning on giving him a call but he had seen my Century write up and contacted me. I digress (I just LOVE customer service). I talked to him about getting a new bike. Maybe MP wasn't the right bike for me. He listened and explained that psychologically a new bike could do wonders, but with 8 weeks (now 7) to IMFL I should stick with the devil I know. He put forth a good argument. I conceded it was a very logical and rational thought process. We will discuss a new bike after IMFL when I figure out if I'm going to try a 140.6 again or only be half crazy and focus on 70.3.

This week has been a recovery/cut back week. The month of August was all about building and building. Yesterday's ride was only 56 miles. It was posted on the North Georgia Tri Club page that a group was riding about my pace on the Silver Comet I said I would meet up with them.

Post said wheels down at 7am. One of the people coming to join was running late. By 7:15 I turned to Nadia and asked if she was ready. Confident the others were faster anyway, she agreed. (they ended up averaging 18mph, we did not!).

I HAD A GREAT RIDE!!! Nadia is a strong cyclist and has been doing triathlons for 3-4 years. We chatted, we rode, we ran, and of course got lunch. It was NOT my fastest ride. But for the first time after a long ride, I felt good. I felt like I had gotten a solid ride.
Note to self, 1 mile up the road are real bathrooms!
This is how my cadence has been looking all season on the Silver Comet. By the second half of my ride, I pedal for a minute or two, then coast. Rinse repeat.
This was yesterday's ride.
Don't confuse my good ride with me falling in love with MP or the ride. I still have issues and I'm still going to see Curtis this week. It was just so nice to get off my bike feeling competent!

Nadia had a 45 minute run; I only had 20 minutes. I utilized my extra time cooling off in the fountain. This time I was smart and grabbed my goggles!

Next weekend I'm headed to Panama City Beach for IMFL Tri Camp with LifeSport Coaching, Velocity Multisport triathlon coaching, and Revolutions: Triathlon Coaching, LLC. Looking forward to meeting everyone and riding another Century. Hoping and praying that this Century goes well. It will be a huge confidence boost if it does.

And remember: Always be yourself unless you can be Batman....
For those wondering: Kohl's Boys' Department.

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