Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good Stuff Just Keeps Comin'......

My last post was about my no good horrible rotten very bad run. I knew it was my turn to have a bad training session, but it still sucked.

That was Friday. Today is Wednesday. Let's talk about everything that is right with the world:

Saturday: Lacrosse tournament. No issues, no screaming coaches, no crazy parents. Well, one team was a little snitty, but I stopped that quickly. I unfortunately didn't get to meet up with some friends from Nashville, but I did get an herb garden planted!

Sunday: Hill repeats. I picked a road I knew I could ride, because I had ridden it last year a few times. I drove over to area and bumped into two local FAST guys. Both are accomplished Ironmen and shorter distance triathletes. It's always fun to get to chat with them for a few minutes. Off I rolled. I felt GREAT the entire ride. I was supposed to ride up and down for an hour. I got 5 repeats in.

On my cool down I stopped at a light and did not fall. It was a close one as I was trying to slow down but also signal to the cars I was moving over. Chatting with the guy who rode up behind me, I offered to let him go first. He said he's not too swift on the flats, but he loves the down hills. I told him I agree...big girls LOVE the down hill. He immediately responded, but you aren't big. I wasn't fishing for a compliment. Compared to most of the women I ride with, I'm pretty solid. Also on Sunday Captain Wonderful finally came and got his bike. I am very happy to end that chapter and move on to the next.

Monday night is my usual OWS (open water swim). This week there was a group doing 2 laps. Apparently, I was part of this group. On the first out and back I was about a minute and a half faster than I was 3 weeks ago (no wetsuit swim). Doubling the distance only caused my overall pace to slow by 20 seconds. On the second out and back, I purposefully slowed down and I felt like I could swim all day. This set a new PR (personal record) for swimming distance.

Tuesday was a rest day. However, I'm implementing a new piece to my workouts: strength training. Aaron constructed 2 very simple workouts for me. I went over to LA Fitness after work and after getting harassed by the staff because I was actually coming in to do weights, I got it done. It was fun! Quick, simple, done.

Today is Wednesday. It's my cut-back/recovery week so I only had a 60 minute spin. This did allow me to get another Orange is the New Black episode watched. Usually I play trivia with a group of friends Wednesday nights, but we didn't meet up tonight. I had time on my hands. Such a bad idea....there is a reason I stay busy. I needed a new sports bra for under my North Georgia Tri Kit. I headed to the mall to go to Lululemon. I found one that will work (I hope) and I may have also stopped by LuckyBrand jeans and Victoria Secret. Both were having big sales.

Drumroll please...................................
I bought TWO pairs of LuckyBrand size SIX jeans!

To find out what's in the Victoria Secret bag...that may just cost you dinner (an application process will be required).

Tomorrow will be a good day and Friday will be great as I'm going to have a fantastic run in the morning then after work I am heading to Augusta (if I ever get packed) to swim Gatorfest Augusta.  It will be my first river swim. After swimming, I'm going to get to hang out with a bunch of folks I have only chatted with on Facebook while we cruise around the HIM (Half Ironman) Augusta bike course. A perfect weekend merging my training, friends and getting a way for a bit. Rumor has it I'm get to experience Nacho Mama's Saturday night.

Hope your week has been just as great as mine!


  1. Yeah! Glad you had a good week!

  2. Looking GOOD, Shawna! Thanks for the HILARIOUS post! I'm definitely curious to hear how many "applications" you get from these pictures, to see what's in the VS bag! And some advice... reject any applications that don't specifically mention offering to buy you ADDITIONAL VS bags. Those will be the winners!

    I *LOVED* Nacho Mamas last year and cannot wait to get back there!!! Have fun and take lots of pics for your next post, to make us jealous! Good luck with the swim and with your training!