Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rollercoaster Aren't Always Fun....

Ever go to an amusement park and get dragged on a ride you didn't want to go on? And it wasn't fun... I mean sometimes you get dragged on a ride and finish asking to go again, but other times you get off the ride and have lots of colorful words for your friend.

I did that to a few people in my life this winter. I dragged them onto my emotional roller coaster without asking if they wanted to come.

One of the reasons I haven't been writing is I didn't feel like I had anything worth sharing. You know, because everything doesn't have to be shared with cyberspace. Some things really are best kept personal.

I finished IMLou and stayed high off that for a bit, but then I hurt my ankle. And the high came crashing down. The winter plans of working on my running speed for triathlon and lacrosse got shelved. Why? Because it hurt to run. If it hurts, don't do it. About 8 weeks of minimal running and a lot of swimming and cycling on the trainer. I was thankful I was not a one trick pony or I would have been a mess. This endurance junkie (like most) doesn't do well sitting still.

However, my run stayed stagnant and I felt like I had no legs on the field.

Oh, and my jeans stopped fitting.

Then there was work, there was a huge, I mean HUGE change at work Nov. 1, 2015. My entire work situation got turned inside out and upside down. MAJOR, MASSIVE adjustments had to be made. And I didn't make them well. I'm still adjusting and if anything it forced me to stop talking and start doing.

And dating...oh wait, never mind. There wasn't any of that. I am however all caught up on House of Cards and I finished Nurse Jackie.

I decided that after my birthday I was going to do Whole30 or a realistic version for me. When it comes to food, I have no determination. If I could focus on my food as much as I do my workouts, I'd be a lean mean tri-ing machine. If anyone had taken bets on how long I'd last without: sugar, dairy, processed foods, bread/gluten or items resembling bread, and alcohol; I would have said 3 days. But I did it. I chronicled it on instagram. I don't know why I didn't want to share in Facebook, I just chose not too. It went well. I had lots of support from friends and some unlikely sources. It was a good experience. I'm still doing a modified version of it by really trying to focus on what foods I chose to eat. I'm still not back into the jeans from 2014, but my clothing is fitting much better.

In the middle of Whole30 I had a pretty significant break down about my workouts. And as if on cue, everything started to turn. I had a good ride. I had a good run. I kept up with almost all of masters swim. I finished probably the fastest lacrosse game I'd ever officiated and walked off the field knowing that I was where I was supposed to be, when I was supposed to be. It was like a switch was flipped.

I had lunch recently with one of the people I dragged into my pity party and they point blank said: The amount of negative energy from you is just too much.

And it was true.

To those of you I dumped on, thank you for sticking around and I'm sorry.

Things in my world are in a constant state of change and right now, it is all for the best! I've sold my home. Another lacrosse season is almost done. I'm actively working on changing some other be announced later, and I'm back to enjoying tris and training.

While I have some goal triathlons this upcoming season, my new "A race" that has my focus and excitement is my return to the Marine Corp Marathon in October. It will be marathon #8 (after telling my dad I'm never running 26.2 miles because that's crazy!). However, what makes this event spectacular and special and just damn awesome is that I'm running with someone else! I will get to feed off Aidan's spirit while he gets to borrow my legs. I GET to run with him. We will be running with the Kyle Pease Foundation and I feel incredibly honored that I have this opportunity.
If you are as moved by this opportunity as I am, we would love a donation of ANY amount. Really, just think if 10 people donate $10 that's $100.

Aidan and my fundraising page is here. We are THIS close to 50%. A couple clicks and you can be part of our team without taking a step!

Here's to a great spring and summer and more positivity and good stuff in all of our lives....

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