Monday, January 4, 2016

I Am a New Year Resolutioner....

The memes on Facebook started a week or two ago. The specific complaints were quite obvious today. Someone is in my parking space. Why are all these people here? 

Well, I'm here to publicly admit...I am a New Year Resolutioner. Seriously....I know. I know. You've followed my journey. Training, working out, breaking a sweat is what I do. But it wasn't always!

What I haven't done in years is go to a group exercise class. What I've never really embraced was yoga. Yes, you read that correctly, YOGA. While in Hilton Head with Michele last week we went to 4 yoga classes in a row. Different type: Warm Yin, Slow Flow, Gentle, and something else I can't remember. I enjoyed it.

My January schedule is actually fairly light until lacrosse starts. I found a local yoga studio that offered a great intro deal and I signed up. I've been binging on yoga sessions (5 in the past 4 days) around work and my regular tri training.

I was keeping this a bit on the quiet side in case I bailed half way through January. Then no one would really know. That was until I was walking out of Restorative Yoga tonight. A woman almost didn't get into the session because it was full. She commented to the instructor about needing to remember to sign up (I didn't register for the class until 45 minutes beforehand as I had to see how I felt after my bike trainer workout.). Now, I may have interpreted tone that wasn't intended. What I heard was the instructor say something to the regular like, "It's January..." Maybe I heard the tone. Maybe there was tone. But DEAL WITH IT!

It's January and I'm in your class and possibly taking the place in the room that you usually have. Sorry not sorry. We all need to start somewhere. Maybe if I get a smile and introduction I'll stick it out past January. Maybe I'll stick with it to compliment my tri training. Maybe if an instructor takes them time to get my name I'll buy the next package. Still waiting for someone who works there to make me feel welcome other than one of the owners who I introduced myself too.

More honesty, if not for the little bit of yoga I tried a year ago and for my 4 day bootcamp with Michele, I may not have gone back past the first 1 or 2. I digress, that's for another post....

Maybe that person who is on your spin bike, or using the machine you want, or walking on the treadmill, just needs a little encouragement. Give it a shot. Especially you reading this that are already on the fitness wagon, remember there is always room for more. And if you had to park a bit further, add the walk to Strava and see if you can get faster at that segment.

Oh, and if you need a good chuckle, come do yoga with me. Not because yoga is funny, but because watching me turn my cactus arms into weeping willow branches is!

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