Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Second One...So Different Than the First

I'm just about 5 months out from my second Ironman race. And it feels weird. Things are so different this year. I'm working with a different coach who writes different workouts and it's my second not my first. It will be Louisville, KY not Panama City Beach, FL so the bikes are very different. I'm not having anxiety about the swim this year, now it's the bike.

Nadya took this picture before we started our ride on Saturday.
I think my coach is trying to turn me into a cyclist whether I like it or not. Yesterday was a 3 hour ride, today 3.5. I feel like I'm starting over on my bike and it feels like everyone else has been riding all winter. This weekend, I did something else that's new to me and took me very far from my comfort zone: I rode alone.

Before all of you who love me jump down my throat for riding alone, let me explain I rode a route I rode with others a few weeks ago AND it is a highly traveled cycling route. Both days I knew many people who were in the area riding, just not with me.

This is my dilemma for riding friends (and I do have a couple) don't ride my pace. Faster or slower, it doesn't matter, it would impact one of our workouts. I put on my big girl panties and took to the road. Today I rode alongside of a galloping deer for a little bit.

Yesterday was good, but today particularly, cars were super friendly. I'm not a swift climber and one probably had to come to a stop as they waited for me to climb a hill on a bend in the road. AND when I finally crested and they could see around, then they passed me.

If you read this and are not a cyclist, read my friend Meghan's blog from last year. And if you are a cyclist, read her blog and make sure you know your responsibilities on the road too. We all need to share the road.

It's been a tough start to the tri season. Lots of lacrosse games this season. I ended up doing games in SC, NC, TN, KY, GA and AL. Good thing cars are meant for driving and I'm liking my CX5. He and I have put about 27k miles on him and he's not a year old for 2 more months.

Things are amazing with Ironwilled: Women Who Tri. It is now an official USAT Tri Club and an Ironman Club. We are ordering custom kits that Moonlit Creative designed... Ah-MAZ-ing! Turned out there were many women without a local club to belong too. I'm glad they've found a home.
Can't wait to wear this kit for Lake Logan and Louisville!
And finally, we all know my weight is a constant battle for me. Well, it's up. And I get weight is just your body's relation with the gravitational pull, what-ev-er... my clothes don't fit. I'm the only person I know who can keep the schedule I keep and GAIN 10 pounds... what the hell! I went to the doc and she altered my thyroid meds a little. I went shopping today for new clothes, it wasn't enjoyable. A good friend reinforced what I already now, I need to journal my food. I might not be eating enough. Not enough and gain? That makes no sense to me.

5 months out to Louisville. I've been sick all week (like took 2 sick days and gave up two days of lacrosse sick) and am finally feeling better. Submitting my exam this week for my USAT Level 1 Coaching. Getting my USMS Level 1 and 2 Coaching in June. Starting a youth tri club. Still working my day job. And no dates to report on.. must be 'cause I cut my hair....


  1. I can empathize with the weight issue. Who burns the energy we burn day in/ day out and gains weight? My body burns air, not calories. I'm convinced of that.

    1. It's so freaking frustrating! And it's impacting my pace and how I feel about certain things. How the hell am I putting on weight? I totally get not losing any...but gaining? I just don't get it. :/ Thanks for the empathy.