Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pass Them Like You Love Them

I was invited to participate in a social media blitz to generate discussion over the hashtag #PassThemLikeYouLoveThem. This started after a tragic accident the week leading up to Ironman New Orleans 70.3 in 2014. Meghan Degan posted a blog talking about motorists responsibilities and cyclists responsibilities.

This weekend in Kentucky, a cyclist was hit by a drunk driver. Mark Hinkel didn't do anything wrong except be outside on a weekend day riding his bike. Mark was a husband, father and grandfather.

This weekend in Atlanta, Dinah McClintock was riding a well known cycling route and a car pulled out in front of her. She hit the car and sustained such injuries that she was airlifted to the local trauma center.

This weekend Maria Cristina Fárez, a 20 year old up and coming triathlete, was hit and killed in Ecuador while on a training ride.

Please pray for these families as all this happened THIS PAST WEEKEND! THIS PAST WEEKEND!

I haven't referenced those who have already lost their lives this spring. The list is incredibly upsetting and long.

As a triathlete, I pledge to ride legally and respectfully and to share the road with you as you drive your car, walk your pet or enjoy your run. I pledge to run against traffic and be mindful of sharing the road with cars and cyclists. I pledge to open water swim only where it is safe to do so.

As a coach, I pledge to teach my athletes and promote amongst those I interact with, the same guiding principals: share the road when you are training and when you are driving.

I implore you to pledge to pass each and every cyclists and runner (even the selfish ones who aren't sharing the road with you) like you love them. Why? Because someone, somewhere does.

I get that you may not know me and since you don't know me, how can you love me? But you will have to trust me that I'm really quite loveable....

See these people below? They love me. Please don't be the reason I don't get to celebrate the next family event with them.

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