Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time to Move on....

I woke up this morning and checked Facebook like I do every morning. In the IMFL 2014 group a woman posted that one of her 'friends'  made a comment that since we didn't do the swim, who knows if she still would have made an official time or not.

IMFL 2014 was 17 days ago. To me, it seems like eons ago! I mean a few months. I feel great. I took 2 weeks recovery and now I'm starting to gear back up for Disney's Dopey Challenge in January 2015. (48.6 miles in 4 days. Really, it's not the mileage it is the wake ups!)

I made the decision and registered for Ironman Louisville in October, 2015. I did this for me. I didn't sign up for another IM to prove anything to anyone but ME!

In case you have any doubt: I AM AN IRONMAN!
As has been discussed, debated and beaten to a pulp in the past 17 days; an Ironman is not made in 17 hours on race day. An Ironman is made from the months before on the long swims, the long rides, the long runs. S/he is made from the early morning workouts, the lunch time workouts, the late night workouts because that's when what needed to be done, could be done. It's chafing and saddle sores and lots of other glamorous issues that most normal people feel no compulsion to experience. Race day is the culmination of all those workouts and missed social opportunities and early bed times and early wake ups and ice baths and deep tissue massage. It is the last answer to the last question on the test: Can you deal with what is given to you and NOT QUIT? It is graduation day.


I am an Ironman because I took what was given to me all year long and I thrived. I took what was given to me on race day and I adapted and I finished. Not everyone did. There were lots of reasons people didn't finish. There were mental reasons and physical reasons (bike accidents!)

There is common banter going on among those who were in the Ironman freshman class at IMFL 2014: We didn't get to do it all. We didn't get the full parade. I, like many others, were ready. We trained. We practiced. We improved. We flourished. We didn't just do enough to get by on race day. We.Were.Ready!

I don't need you to tell me I didn't get to swim. I know, I was there. I don't need you to remind me I didn't get the full experience. I know, I was there. While I wear my finisher's gear proudly and I'm putting an MDot finisher emblem on my car, I have issues with the number: 140.6.

Last night I met with a friend to discuss coaching. When we left, he looked at the back of my car and pointed out I didn't have a 140.6 magnet. He pulled his off and offered it to me (he has more at home). I said no thank you. I didn't do 140.6. My RoadID badge says 138.2. It's the story of my Ironman. But....

I am not 140.6. Was I ready? Yes. Could I have done it? Yes. Would I have done it? Yes. Will I do it again? Yes. I'm doing it for me.

But's time to move on. I will scroll past the discussions on Facebook (I promise to try). I will not engage with those who feel the need to minimize my accomplishment.

I cut off my Florida Athlete's band. I'm running 3-4 days a week to focus on Dopey. I made some decisions about coaching for next year (thank you Jason, Brian, Brad, Len and Chuck). Training and getting ready of Ironman Florida was one hell of an adventure and I'm looking forward to the next one with Louisville. If you want to ride Silk Sheets, Bud Plant or (Lord help me) the Sisters in Roswell, let me know. It's time to build Block's climbing!

P.S. If you feel the uncontrollable urge to share with an IMFL 2014 finisher that you think they are actually not real Ironman try this tactic: BITE YOUR TONGUE! Just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean you have to share it.


  1. Well said !!!

    I've argued too that IMFL finishers are IRONMAN. Not duathletes. I think it is sad that people place so much time and energy on commenting on someone else's experience.

  2. I am not sure why the participants have beaten this into the ground. Yes you trained. If it were me I would put on my big girl pants ( which I have had to do in the past ) and suck up the fact that it wasnt a full event. Enjoy the bike and run that you finished. BUT, dont put yourself in the same category as those that did a full race. It is what it is.

    1. Hey realitybites! Thanks for offering me an anonymous dose of hatorade, but I'll pass! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!