Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oy Vey, the Long Ride....

I have this little race coming up soon. You may have heard me talk about it. On November 1st I will swim 2.4 miles in the Gulf, ride 112 miles through Florida and then run 26.2 miles throughout Panama City Beach.

There are some things I'm still working on. One is a blister spot that's a new development. I've been wearing Saucony Guides since last January. I did the Dopey series in them, no issues. My friend Maria (remember Maria from Augusta Camp?) suggested I try this powder. Someone else suggested this as a headlight for when I'm running through the park after dark. Amazon delivers right to you door!

Friday night I prepped my nutrition for my last century on my bike (100 miles or so). I keep meaning to share this and you may have your own system, but I'm going to share anyway.
The bottles on the left have a rubber band around them. This means they have water. See, I train with Infinit and it's clear! Easy-peazy way to know which is water and which is fuel!

Saturday morning (today) turned into an interest comedy of errors. I was meeting up with a whole handful of people from the North Georgia Tri Club at the Silver Comet to do 2 loops of 50 which would also be my last century before IMFL. But first, I had to get out of my house. Leaving my bedroom with  my bag on my shoulder, I reach to flip on the hallway lights and managed to crack my head on the corner of the wall. I have a bruise to show for my efforts, but otherwise I'm fine. Are you done laughing yet?

Then after meeting up with the crew and rolling for about 2 miles, I realized that my amazing way to tell infinit from water only works if you pay attention. I had water in my aerobar bottle, not infinit. Not being very bright, I didn't fix it for an hour. So for my first hour of riding, I took in no calories. I think about 11 miles in or so, the group pulled over to wait for me. It was very kind, I was just expecting them to wait for me at 25. I knew they were faster and I was practicing my race-day discipline...let them go. I unclipped my left foot but lost my balance to my right. Rob got a hand on me, but only enough to break my fall not keep me up right. This really is how I landed, it just took a moment for someone to grab a picture. First tip of the season!
Got up and rolled out. Told the group not to wait for me again until the turn around. For about 45 minutes we rode in a nice solid rain. Met up with them (didn't tip this time) and then told them not to wait for me until the parking lot and if they wanted to ride continuous, just do it. Rob, decided to drop back and ride with me and then Neil rode with us for a while also.

Back to the parking lot to take care of 'special needs': fuel, bathroom, Bag Balm. Saw Stephanie and we quickly coordinated lunch plans and she went out to finish her ride. Frank and Nadia were going back out but were waiting for me. I told them to go on, Rob had decided to get a nice LONG ride with me and not do a faster second lap. Once they were assured I had company, they took off.

Rob might just deserve sainthood. I have not had an absolutely-no-good-horrible-rotten training day this cycle. I mean the MACC Century kicked my butt, but it wasn't anything like today. Today was a complete and utter emotional breakdown that included tears and a hyperventilating temper tantrum. It probably started with my lack of prioritizing fueling. By the time we reached the tunnel (our turn around point) I was done.
MP and I did NOT get along today!
 I would have left my bike leaning on this rock but we were about 26 miles from our cars and that would have really sucked to walk barefoot or in bike shoes.
Really hoping I didn't teach that little girl any new words.
Surprisingly when I was pedaling, I managed to avg 87rpms. My goal is always 90, so not too far off, when I actually pedaled. Drug myself back to the cars with Rob trying to be a cheerleader. Pace wasn't as good as my ride of the IMFL course, but not as bad as the MACC ride. Back at the cars I cleaned up the way I always do...

This time I grabbed my conditioner which really helped getting the knots out! Rob and I drove over to meet up with Stephanie for food at Waffle House, of course.! Always great to debrief a workout or race with her!

I got home and seriously couldn't motivate myself to get out of my car. But at least I was told I had good hair!
A nap. Some more tears. A chat with Chuck and I'm ready to take on Sunday: 2 lacrosse games and an 18 mile run with Tiffany.

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