Sunday, October 19, 2014

LESS THAN TWO WEEKS (and Tinder).....

Yes, that deserved caps.

After last Saturday's craptastic century, Sunday was a perfectly acceptable 17+ mile run with Tiffany followed but pizza with Stephanie. Yes, my schedule said 18, but I had already reffed 2 lacrosse games that afternoon. Call it a split run, it was really a 20 mile day on my feet.

This week's training was very unexciting. First week of taper. I saw the final plans and my communication with Coach went something like:

Me: I respectfully disagree. I still have 3 weeks to race day 
Coach: I've never let you down....You have done the work now it's time to set your body up to peak on race day ... Just shut up and follow the plan...
Me: Okay
So I did. Sorta. I ended up with a weekend of reffing. Not on the schedule and the toll it takes on my body is one of the reasons I haven't done much if any all fall. I just can't walk away from a field with 2 full teams on it and no officials to make the game happen. More on that in a moment.
It was a very productive week. I finished all my requirements for my run coaching certification. I got a trailer hitch for my car. I signed up for Tinder. WHAT? So much hype and talk, I had to see what was going on. Like I tend to do, I dove in head first. I had 3 dates this weekend. It's okay, I promise I didn't miss a work out.

Thursday night I had the skills portion of my Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED class. Not getting out of work right on time and traffic caused me to be late. The instructor almost didn't let me in to the class because once they start skills, no one is permitted to join. Whew... she bent the rules for me and at the end of the class, she showed me how to take off my rubber gloves.

No matter how many compressions, how many shocks, or how often I made out with him,
like many dates: he remained lifeless.
This is what Tinder has taught me: I attract the wrong guy.

After the class on Thursday I met up with a nice guy who is a GM at a not so local restaurant. I wasn't really looking forward to meeting him, but it ended up being one of the best dates I've been on in a while. He's done a marathon before. Ran distance in high school and college and we had things to talk about beyond running. However, he's only been separated a year and he and his to-be-ex still live in the same home. We did get a GREAT laugh when a mouse ran across the parking lot and I screamed! Meanwhile, I hear for him every day and he asks legit but not annoying questions about my training. What made me "swipe right"? He was holding a lacrosse stick.

Friday night I met up with the Frat Boy. He knows I'm calling him this. Hell, he knows I blog. He stalked me and I didn't even try to stalk him. I think I'm losing my touch. It would seem there aren't a lot of Shawna-s in Marietta on Facebook. I digress. He made me laugh and asked me out. When deciding where to go for dinner, he asked me my favorite food. I told him sushi. He agreed to sushi only for me to find out later, he doesn't really like it. He got a California roll and I pointed out a double shrimp roll that he liked. Give Frat Boy some credit, he tried my tuna tataki and seaweed salad. A nice walk after dinner to get some dessert and another good date. However, he is still a bit bitter about his ex-wife and I think women in general. But a funny, funny guy. He wasn't even annoyed when I had to head home early for my workout on Saturday.

Saturday came around early enough. I had a 56 mile ride and an easy 5 miles run. There was a group rolling out at 7:30 that I was invited to join, but I really wanted to ride on my own. I didn't want to feel like I was slowing anyone down (they are all faster than I am). It didn't end up working that way (me riding on my own). Lane got there and we both rolled out together. After 10 minutes he said good bye and I watched him go on. However, it would turn out that his workout based on power and my goal to focus on cadence put us at about the same pace. I ended up doing his 3:45 workout instead of my 56 miles, but it only added on about 15-20 minutes. Then we were able to run together. Another good match. While Lane is a faster cyclist than I am, I run 'faster' than him. So I was able to keep my pace easy, but also help push him a bit.
Lane's GF/fiancé joined us for the run part!
For my last 'big' work out it went relatively well. I just can't get excited about 112 miles on the bike. I'm still really anxious about that part.

From there I drove an hour north to help train some junior lacrosse officials. Due to some scheduling glitches, I ended up reffing more than training. 3.5 games later and I was a bit tired.

This might have been my shot of Fireball.
But... I had a date. So I rushed home to clean up and headed out to Noca in Roswell. I met the last date of the weekend there. I was starving, he wasn't hungry. I needed food anyway so we got an appetizer and I ate the whole thing. This was the least exciting date of the weekend and it didn't last very long. There was nothing overtly wrong with the guy, but just no chemistry. Conversation was tough. Oh, and he told me he'd be all for legalizing recreational marijuana. He walked me out to my car and suggested we hang out again. I said sure, went to my car, watched him pull away, and realized I was still hungry.

Instead of driving home, I got out of my car and went back in to the bar so I could order dinner. I sat next to the guy who had already shared some of his dinner with me. Before I left the first time I commented that his dinner smelled really good. He said here, have a taste and cut me a piece of his steak and pushed it my way. We chatted quite a bit. I ended up spending another 2 hours there talking to this guy and the bartender. The evening got much better after the first guy left.

Sunday allowed a nice mellow wake up and lazy morning. Then it was off to help rate some adult officials and ref 2 games of my own. Beyond the income, I miss working this fall league because the staff that runs it is a lot of fun.

Delivered as promised :)
The hard stuff is done. The hay is in the barn and any other trite expression you can come up with.


Some friendships didn't, but that's okay. The ones that were meant to last will heal themselves and the others just weren't meant to stand the test of time.

If we've made it this far, please bear with me. Only 13 more sleeps....


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  1. You did the hard part, dude! Now we just don't freak out and race the the race! Already looking forward to your race report. :)