Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Just Gotta Have Faith....

There are many things I do not understand. To name a few:
  • ·         The stock market
  • ·         How to make Never Fail Fudge
  • ·         Quantum Physics or physics of any kind
  • ·         Calculus or any math past Algebra II
  • ·         Why when I get mad it looks like I’m crying
  • ·         The male thought process
  • ·         Why some of my toe nails won’t grow anymore
  • ·         Triathlon training

The only one that seems fair to discuss here is triathlon training. Here’s what I don’t get about it: I am running the least amount of miles EVER, yet when I do, I am running the strongest. For example, this morning I ran a nice strong 10 miles with my Running Husband. Could have run more. Varied our pace per the assignment. No problem, no sucking wind at the end. Heart rate was back down swiftly after we finished.
Since May 1st I have run a grand total of 46.1 miles. I run twice a week, sometimes.

5/1: 7 miles
5/4: 3.1 brick (this means I ran after I rode my bicycle) 
5/8: 10 miles
5/14: 7 miles
5/21: 6 miles
5/24: 3 brick
5/28: 10 miles

How does this happen? How am I able to run so little but yet so much? November doesn't count, I managed to be stupid and sprain my ankle.

My running in miles, by month, for the past year

The good news: I have a coach and not only is he an excellent photo bomber, he understands these things. 

Can you keep a secret? I usually set him up for it.
I will just keep on keepin’ on.

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